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REMCO ( Remittance Utility Token ) is the World’s First Powerful Distributed Token-Generating Platform for Money Transfer. The REMCO Token Generating Platform’s APIs to allow any licensed money transmitter to mint programmable Tokens to move value and leverage distributed ledger advantages at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation to all transaction stakeholders. Our Token is Jurisdiction and Money Transmission Flow Agnostic. Meaning it works with the existing model.
The company also plans an initiative that may have an even larger industry-wide impact. It will apply for a national bank charter, a new designation recently announced from The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and will launch an MSB-centric bank, to serve the needs of licensed MSBs across the USA.

Why choose Remco

Solutions REMCO Token is built using Multichain and include self-service platform for B2B, which will not only allow money transmitters to enjoy the benefits of DLT using existing networks with cash, but also to expand its network, driving REMCO to re-open the process to routes with angular agents.

Money transmitters have limited and limited choice to build and expand their business on other rails.

Traditional money transfers are slow for both money translators and their clients. The new block chain approach is slower than many existing centralized systems.

Many corridors are still very expensive and the prices of small transfers are stupid. Blocked cryptocurrency system is in need of repair, inefficient and can not be scaled.

Remco Software Inc. has big plans with an ICO this Fall that will build out the RemittanceToken platform capabilities, and fund rapid expansion across the USA and into many more markets. VTN already has existing integrations and processes transactions daily for well-known corporates such as Western Union, IDT/Boss Revolution, Transfer-To, and others.

The Remco blockchain token mimicks the gift card draw down mechanism on the one hand. However, users can send the entire value if they so wish. This is an astounding revenue opportunity for remittance organizations unlike before.


Blockchain Multichain: REMCO uses a blockchain tradition that does not require pariah POWs and no costs. The result is unparallel speed and cost hold stores for customers.

Powerful Approval: With over a period of experience related to portion receipts and keeping cash establishment, our stage limits!

Smart Speed of Installment: Never again sitting tight for pack frames or other direct portion shapes

Commission for Specialists: We unravel the trade method for pros and even offer the probability of additional commissions in light of the sender's tendencies

Man-made awareness In addition to Human Experience: Stage segments will be more insightful after some time through AI and the unique stage itself is the outcome of over a period of experience building and running stages for settlements and portions, planning them with banks, switch banks and other system providers and following national banks.


The organization will have an aggregate token supply of 2,000,000,000 amid the advanced stages and these tokens will be dispensed as appeared in the outline beneath:


.Private Pre and Public sales: (65% of the total supply)

• Founders, Management, and Advisors (15% of the total supply)

• Marketing (5% of the total supply)

• Business partners (5% of the total supply)

• Reserve (10% of the total supply)
For more information, please follow the below links:
My bitcointalk profile link:;u=2252569

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