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Datablockchain, according to creators and developers, is an innovative platform designed for data processing, designed to radically change the ways we collect data on premium data by companies, as well as individuals!

The product, invented by the team, makes data more accessible, not so expensive, thanks to the use of new methods for collecting and processing information!
All this is possible, thanks to the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts!
Thanks to innovations, end users, that is, customers, will get access to the data they need, the most profitable, and also crystal clear and transparent way, as they can only acquire the information that they need to achieve their goals, not getting excited and not paying for unnecessary data, going, so to speak, in a makeweight! plans to enter the world market, and join forces and integrate the collected data with the world's largest databases, in the most diverse fields and spheres of our life! Starting from government data, industrial information and ending with business data and other smaller-scale information!

The idea is to categorize this data and exclude the factor of mediation and participation of third parties in these chains! Thus, all interested platform participants will receive exceptionally accurate data, only necessary information that could not be changed or falsified!

Datablockchain will present to users, as I have said, a unique platform, with a convenient reliable interface that will connect end-users and information providers, so-called data sources! is a comprehensive and universal solution that eliminates all the need, to search for various sources of data supply and avoid red tape, in the face of communication with dozens of intermediaries and managers who just spend your time and money without allowing you to get the desired effect!

All advantages of blockchain technology will be available to users! The server system is designed to provide absolute transparency and full confidence in the quality of data provided to applicants, and of course, all transactions will be publicly available and visible as in the palm of your hand!

You can optimize anything you like! Starting with state-owned enterprises and ending with small business!
The market of data and advertising, is gaining incredible momentum in our time! If you own information - you own everything! And the Datablockchain platform will definitely help you to optimize, systematize, and just do your business better, with minimal costs and efforts to collect data!

Total tokens - 870MM
Total tokens will be sold at the ICO stage - 522MM
Private sales -100MM
Pre-election dates May 27, 2018 - June 21 018
Pre-session - 164.58MM
The main stage of the ICO is June 27, 2018 - July 21, 2018
The basic sale is 257.42MM
Minimum fee on the Pre Sale - 1 ETH
Minimum fee for the ICO stage is 0.1 ETH
Unsold tokens will be burned
Soft Cap - 10 million USD
Hard Cap - 50 million USD

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Author: Bentadem11

My BTT Profile:;u=1530135

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