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27일 전

Social networks changed the way we interact with each other, and in the same moment changed the lives of their inventors and companies that operate them, since these companies have great amount, if not all, of their revenues based on the data that their users are sharing online and in-between, but also that share on their account regarding their sex, age, countries, marital status and similar. New age of marketing is based on these data, and classic customer targeting.

For example, people that are sharing running videos, looking at running equipment and active lifestyle will be targeted by companies that offer active and sport equipment and accessories. Social networks are providing algorithms that can connect brands and users through advertisement process, and this service is charged. Algorithm is intellectual property of social networks, but algorithm value will be next to zero if their databases were empty. User database that is part of any social network is their main asset that brings brands for advertisement, and social networks are getting this asset for free, since users are not educated enough that these data are highly worth. Blockchain can change this, in the way that is favourable for the user that owns data, since he will be the owner of the data, that is just recorded on blockchain, and brands will have to pay directly to user for advertisement, not to social network.

Revolution Populi is proposing a new social network, in line with above mentioned premises, where members own their data and make money by selling it, with their users describe their lives online, share their data, in the same way as today on social networks, but advertisers pay them, not to social network, such as Facebook or similar. Rules will be created on blockchain and automated, creation and all subsequent changes will be done through democratic vote on the blockchain. For this achievement two components will be created – first will be social net as a Revolution Populi platform and second decentralised blockchain as decentralised autonomous organisation, that will govern the platform democratically and will be without ownership by people or companies.

Ecosystem shall consist from Music streaming, that will allow all artists to share their content, not just established artists, Tv streaming, news, search engine for all the mentioned, and artificial intelligence deployed for governance.

Revolution Populi is the first stage of development and token economics is still in development phase, but their idea and market for digital advertisement that is existing gives this project a valuable space within crypto assets.

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