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Investing in ICOs is risky business which is why I am writing a series of short ICO reviews in the hope that I can help people make informed decisions. Be warned there are a lot of scams out there. ICOs sit on rocky legal grounds. There is a lot of money to made from investing in an ICO but a lot of money can be lost too. I would recommend doing as much research as possible before investing. Don't just send money to people on the internet and hope for the best. Always do proper checks and due diligence before investing.

Now that has been said, here goes for the Save Droid ICO review

The categories I will be scoring the Save Droid ICO on are

. Concept and innovation
. The value of the target market
.The white paper
.Trust and transparency
.The team behind the ICO

What is Save Droid?

Save droid is an ERC20 Ethereum token traded as SVD. The concept is a mobile app that can help people manage their savings and spending habits from a smartphone. This is not the first time this has been done. We saw the spare change app come out last year. Although the basic idea is not massively disruptive or revolutionary, the way the concept is put in to practice is genuinely innovative and unique. They have a large and underserved target market to tap in to if they get this right and deliver.

The white paper can be found here

The white paper identifies some of the issues faced by people just beginning to get in to cryptocurrency. If you don't want to pay the Coin Base extortionate fees, entering the cryptosphere can be a daunting move even for some tech savvy people. There is a lot to take in about blockchain structure, private keys, web wallets, hardware wallets. The Save Droid app hopes to break down some of these barriers and make life easy for savers and investors.

The white paper claims that the app already has hundreds of thousands of downloads but I was unable to use it because it is currently only open to holders of a German bank account. The company behind the project is based in Germany using Bank Frick in Lichtenstein which is a reputable bank.

When I see that an ICO is banking in the Cayman Islands, Gibraltor or Cyprus , it's a sign for me not to invest. On the other hand , the funds for the Save Droid ICO will be held in escrow by a reputable German lawyer named Alex Hellinger. I'm sure he will return the funds if the ICO fails so the risk of an exit scam is extremely unlikely here.

The token can solve a few real world problems and can win the title of 'utility token'. It can help users with functions such as auto save. For example, if your savings goal is a new car, you can set it to save 10 dollars every time you drive 100 km. They invented a new word 'smooves' which is supposed to mean 'smart saving moves'. It shows that they are trying to be cool and in touch with the younger generation which is their target market.

Not only is it a smart savings app but it will allow crypto investment and incorporate a credit card linked to the app which should allow spending in cryptocurrency. The company facilitating the credit card is 'Wire Card', not Wave Crest who recently had all their crypto debit cards cancelled by Visa.

Other cool features of the app include Amazon gift card integration, mobile phone tariff tracking and ICO investment opportunities.

The supply of tokens is pre programmed to make the token a deflationary currency. The SVD token will have a percentage burned by the operator every time a purchase is made. Decreasing the supply should make the price increase as they become more scarce.

What problems does the Save Droid token solve?

Although the token is not technically a currency, it does solve some real world problems. When assessing whether a token is a good investment or not we must look at what markets it serves? How big is that market? Is that market underserved?

Personal savings is a huge market. The value in this token comes because it serves the savings market especially for young people. Most people under 25 are not interested in the financial products offered by the banks and are more likely to just buy some Ethereum rather than a traditional savings bond. Even in an affluent country like the UK we have high youth unemployment and financial investment products are not aimed at young people. Share dealing accounts typically require a large minimum investment. From this perspective, the save droid app does have the potential to disrupt the under served markets for young people and does have genuine value for young savers and micro investors who don't yet have access to the markets offered by Save Droid.

Is the white paper any good?

The white paper is high quality. It is concise, well written, easy to digest and makes good use of infographics. It starts off with the basics in a clearly set out, easy to understand way and goes on to become more technical towards the end. It seems to make sense and is easy to understand. They also have a 1 page info sheet. However as a rule of thumb, I would never invest in an ICO unless I have read and understood the entire white paper. Remember that any investment which one does not understand; Is always a bad investment.

Who is behind the project?

The team is large and is made up of world class experts in finance and cryptocurrency. The most notable team member is Prof. Danko Nikoholik who is a scholar at the Max Plank institute in Germany. The team is trust worthy , transparent and experienced on the whole.

Is the SVD token a good investment?

I give the ICO the following rating

.Concept and innovation 6.5/10
.The value of the target market 8/10
.The white paper 7/10
. Trust and transparency 7/10
. Team behind the ICO 8/10

Total ICO rating 7.3

Copyright of Cryptolabs

This is not financial advice

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hey so nice I really like your post! Lets make steemit together to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you? Look my Introduceyourself like I do it. I went to jail because of cryptos :


Sure brother. I think we are going to be friends

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if anyone is interested in publishing some of their due diligence of SaveDroid on the ConcourseQ page, it looks like there is still some space to fill up.


Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I didn't realise the market was so saturated. The cryptosphere really is the wild west these days. Looks like we need all the due diligence we can get

It was interesting to read your thoughts and final conclusion on the savedroid token and the ICO. I followed them as well and also bought some of their tokens during their ICO which is currently running.
I'm glad you mention that this is actually a token and not a mined cryptocurrency. Because I noticed many ppl (even those taking part in the Telegram channel) were not even aware of the difference.

Let's see how it will go after their main sale.