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One of the major grumbles that people tend to have about websites has to be the sheer number of adverts and popups that just appear out of nowhere and irritate us to a huge extent. Well, the team behind say that they have the answer to it all, and it is a method and approach that makes use of the blockchain to make your browsing experience substantially better than it used to be.

What is

The new project say that they will be in a position to revolutionize our approach to browsing by providing a safe and secure platform that will be devoid of those ads, malware, and other malicious code that can appear at various times. At first, this does sound rather promising but there is a bit more to what they are offering to do for us to explore before you can reach a decision as to whether or not this project is for you.

Of course, the website owners are making a lot of money from showing the different ads, but at the same time it is clearly having a negative impact on our overall experience. By removing these problems, it may very well mean that people will be able to enjoy the Internet rather than dreading all of those adverts appearing at random times.

However, the interesting part is that they state website operators are still going to be able to gain financially from this new type of Internet while the users are not going to be left effectively being inundated with ads, which does sound like a win-win situation.

The Technical Aspect of

The new platform is going to be built on the back of the Ethereum blockchain, so that does bring with it a real sense of stability, which you need with this kind of service. Of course, it also means that thee is absolute transparency as well, and that is a cornerstone of what they are offering as they note that data is collected by companies and websites with the user being unaware that this is even going on. Their Internet is not going to do that, and with there being no malware either, they hope to make it an overall far safer experience.

They have also decided to include a script blocker with the aim being that it prevents people from being tracked as much as this is certainly an area where there is no transparency.

Basically, they are going to be providing a platform and browser to get you online but in a way that increases your anonymity and also your general security. This expands to anti-malware which often appears on websites that are infected, so their technology is designed to prevent that from happening in the first place by blocking it at the root.

They have also attempted to include a series of mobile applications that will mean that you can use as a digital wallet for cryptocurrency as well as for browsing. They note that they will also use a battery enhancer to stop it from draining as much.

The Advantage of Using

What is clear is that there are a number of obvious advantages that are associated with the products and services that are being put forward by project. Not only will it improve the speed at which you will experience the Internet but also the protection that you receive is pretty impressive. A world that is not including ads, malicious scripts and anything else is also going to be a better alternative than what you are able to experience at this moment in time.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO

When we look at the ICO and the financial aspect, then there are a number of important factors to be taken into consideration when examining it. First, if you are in the United States, China or Singapore then you are going to be excluded from taking part even though that is not unusual.

Next, they are able to accept ETH, BTC and LTC as the cryptocurrency and there is also both a soft and hard cap in place as well. The soft cap has been set at $5 million while the hard cap is higher at $50 million. Also, during this period there is an exchange rate in place which has been set at 1 OIO equating to $0.04, which is perfectly reasonable when you look at various other opportunities that tend to be out there on the market.

It should also be noted that there will be 1,750,000,000 tokens created for this part of the project. This is not exactly a figure that goes beyond other similar projects so it is not something that should put you off taking part.
Further details about the token sale can be found on their website:

Overall Conclusion About and the ICO

What can we say about the entire project, and is it something that is going to actually have a future and turn into a worthwhile investment? Well, they certainly talk a good game with all of the various things that they plan on doing, and there is no reason to doubt them either. They have certainly sought to tackle a number of the main problems that people complain about with the Internet, and if they are successful then it becomes easy to see why it could be a winner.

Of course, it all depends on them being able to convince people to go ahead and use this particular network, but you can see why it may be worth an investment especially as there is no mention of a minimum investment figure to take part. Clearly, it will take some time to see a return on your investment, but that in itself is not enough to rule it out as a very real option for you.

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