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What is CateredContent

CateredContent is a platforms where writers can earn by writing about given topics! Events will be regularly added, giving writers oppurtunity to earn crypto for their work! It will work in a similar manner to @OriginalWorks contest here on Steemit! "We as a all bedownload.pnggin like a little fish" in Catered as a whole begun this way, and as a reward for the movement played out, the client goes up in the ranking positioning.

Catered Content is proposed to give clients the likelihood to acquire cash with their articles, this is an extremely fascinating and valuable work for individuals around the globe, as this stage isn't restricted, wherever you can partake. With provided substance, innovativeness and excitement are compensated when expounding on a mentioned stage. Actually I feel extremely appreciative with the association of catered content since gratitude to them I have had the option to take an interest with my articles and procure additional cash that is in every case valuable.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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