Carry Protocol Technology

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Main idea 

A Carry Protocol is a platform where merchants are connected to the consumers through a blockchain. Merchants and consumers are the vital participants who use it to interact and communicate with relevant individuals. 

Furthermore, it comprises of a blockchain and a set of APIs each subdivided into two parts that are used to connect to the software. The blockchain is divided into the carry transaction database and carry smart contracts while the APIs include a carry wallet and a carry device. 

The carry protocol service commences when a consumer completes transacting a business. Besides, it eases the customers’ demands since it supports cryptocurrencies, credit card, and the general fiat payments. 

To use this protocol the merchants need to equip themselves with an interactive device such as a tablet. It is then used to send transacted data from the POS to the customer. It is, therefore, the customer to upload it on the blockchain.  

To encourage return visits, branded tokens are awarded to the loyal customers. They act as a receivable that is usually issued out by the merchant. Once transaction at the store is completed, consumers can access transaction data through their wallet app. Scanning and entering the phone application are used to feed the data recorded. 

Team's mission 

encourages consumer data ownership where the privacy of the consumers is protected through encryption and the anonymity shield button. The system is efficient because it promotes more uploads from the consumers. Further, advertisers can track the effectiveness of their ads through this site. Most advertisers include merchants, public enterprises, non-profits, companies, and governmental institutions. 

Moreover, Media and researchers could analyze their academic papers and media coverage through this platform with the aim of improving their corporate image. The data is widely used in various fields.  

Token concept 

The Smart contract is used to access its features since it’s the most essential feature. Other features encrypted on this platform include the store reviews which the entities use different methods to acquire the services. In cases where the daily use is more than the set level, the users are required to spend an extra fee on the CRE since the execution of the protocol depends on the resources which are costly. Moreover, the system is blocked from the blockchain attacks. 

If a merchant wishes to attain more transactions, they have the liberty to offer perks to other benefits. The customers can further deposit their CRE through the merchants. CRE is the primary token and is used as a mean of payment, executes stakes at the smart contract, and it’s used as a reward in exchange for advertisement. Basing on individuals assessment, the inflation rate can be adjusted to attain the accumulated transacted data. Branded tokens are used to connect the consumers to the merchants. In most cases, it is usually given a monetary value. 

When consumers purchase goods at various stores, they rely on the benefits to acquire the products. Those using BT are rewarded with loyalty coupons which they can use during their visit. The ones uploading data and accepting advertisements are awarded CRE which they can creatively share the data. 

More information about the Carry Protocol project can be found here:



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What is the consensus algorithm used by the project and how was it picked?

The Smart contract is used to access its features since it’s the most essential feature - sounds great!

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This platform aims to make a stronger chain between seller and customer!

This project includes a number of best things: great team, great product, great idea, great start! We need products and ideas! I'm sure the company will occupy a leading place in this world!

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С нетерпеньем жду того дня критовалютой можно будет расплачиваться в магазинах.

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