Filmgrid Diaries 20190528 - Bounty Program

2년 전

A couple of weeks have passed, it has been a harder subject than expected, not only design but announce the rewards campaign has consumed more time than expected; but it is a necessary task. In this world of cryptocurrencies, nothing happens if you do not go through BitcoinTalk first.

A proper design was the first challenge, then a distribution that suited our strategy, and last and most important, that the reward should be a good offer for the participants; without these three characteristics, we would not have launched a rewards campaign.

10 million FILM tokens were minted to cover the rewards of the campaign, kept in an independent wallet, so that it could be monitored by the participants in total transparency. It is generated with the following characteristics:

  • Token Contract: 0xdadfd3814684a3a08a001500a98eef74f4ac1712
  • Mint Transaction: 0x3d5197dd0c84bfb2e839498d8cbf5c8a3b7f4ee9f13659648aa64c65b63ba7f4
  • Bounty Wallet: 0x814c5D4D2A60448a7F6Bf55Ae9271c6e288C5f31

The campaigns were divided as follows:

  • Youtube: 30.15%
  • Social Media: 21.90%
  • Signatures: 16.91%
  • Blogs: 11.99%
  • Graphic Design: 8.89%
  • Translation: 3.02%
  • Average Referral: 7.12%

Youtube was chosen as the channel that would receive more rewards for the nature of the project, since we are talking about movies, the video channel should have an important one; social networks occupying the second place, since together they add the channels that most help to approach the general public; signatures in BitconTalk, must occupy a good place, since it is the most important channel within the niche of the cryptocurrencies (this first forum will always have a place of great importance). The rest of the campaigns are direct needs of the project, articles, blogs, graphic designs for documents and explanatory media, translations and recommendations in medium and high level media.

We hope with this effort, more people will join our cause and know our project. It is a difficult task to make known the ideology of our project and our intentions, even when it comes to a community founded on an ideology such as Satoshi's vision.

This is the link to the rewards program:

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