The Filmgrid Diaries 20190624 - Meeting Somish

2년 전

I met with Mayank Taneja, VP Solution Delivery for Somish Blockchain Labs, a technology and product development company with hands-on experience in building private, permissioned and public Blockchain MVPs.

It was the first approach seeking cooperation for the development of Filmgrid’s MVP. As it was to be expected, we presented our companies to each other as well as the immediate goals that we have. I find so far in Somish the development solution we are looking for, they have a strong background and understand the needs of their customers. I found particularly interesting that Mayank was very keen in learning how deep we (Filmgrid) have done our homework, particularly in how extend was our marketing research; later I learned they look to work only with feasible projects... good thing we did indeed a good research.

Originally, we had planned to build a development team from scratch in Mexico, however, after interviewing a few candidates, we realize that blockchain development is still now very common among developers; there were really good contendents, good programmers, but unfortunately none with solid blockchain knowledge nor experience.

After our meeting, I feel confident Somish are the best company capable to deliver the MVP we are looking for. Time will determinate if in the future we retake the original plan for the development of the platform and own blockchain, or if we continue with third party services.

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