BIXTRIM [ICO] - Blockchain-based Multi-Function Financial Platform

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Welcome to the review that I present to all of you in searching for information and knowing the BIXTRIM project that is currently being run by the team if there are deficiencies in explaining this article, don't worry, I have prepared a link for you to get accurate information. and of course you will be able to speak directly with the founder or our project team.

BIXTRIM is a multi-functional financial platform based on the block chain and plans to combine all necessary market functions, products and encryption services. BIXTRIM ICO, which aims to provide funds for the use of encryption-based accounts from various established retail banks, ultimately in accordance with several financial service requirements.

Bixtrim has begun its existence in 2017 and seems to have a strong business team, developers and advisors. If they are able to fulfill their promises, Bixtrim can be one of the top crypto currency exchanges, provided the ICO is successful. By solving various problems with the current exchange, Bixtrim can help with cryptocurrency adoption and at the same time become a leader in this space.

How Does Bixtrim Work?

Bixtrim will issue BMX tokens as utility currencies for transactions on their network. BMX will pay fees and transact. In addition, BIXTRIM plans to have a cryptocurrency pawn shop where the token holder can pawn the item for a period and get it back later.

BIXTRIM has also created the possibility for users to hold BMX tokens and cash through short-term commitments. In essence, BIXTRIM will allow to hold tokens in return for long-term benefits.

There is also a BIXTRIM exchange that will accommodate crypto trading on the platform. Here, token holders can hold, trade or exchange cryptocurrency. In the future, BIXTRIM will include term support, and BMX coin credit cards.

Their sophisticated global platform seems to suit Adventist cryptographic market fans who try to use innovation to their advantage. To enable this, BIXTRIM uses native encryption, which allows anyone to become a BMX token owner.

The creator of Bixtrim believes that everyone must have easy access to crypto services. Bixtrim works with banks around the world to provide digital currency transfers. In addition, the cryptocurrency initiated by Bixtrim will issue 100,000 transactions per second.

Bixtrim comes with a new concept called "Crypto Pawn Shop". Thanks to this store people can invest in cryptocurrency and negotiate money.

Problems and Solutions Bixtrim

  • Problem:
    Delays in the cryptocurrency exchange process, this act of delay often causes many challenges because owners always fall prey to the hands of middle-class people who claim to offer services and then owners of real currency scams who want to exchange them. Generally, cryptocurrency owners cannot exchange it for money instantly, cashing from an exchange platform takes a lot of time

  • Solution:
    We want to end the difficulties mentioned above with one of the leading microfinance organizations in Georgia and a member of our holding, customers will be able to withdraw cryptocurrency in minutes at our cash desk. Bixtrim will use a service center network, which allows easy access to all interested parties

We want to end the difficulties mentioned above through creating a network of services to our microfinance partners in Georgia, we also intend to use accounts at various banks, to support many modern money transfer methods, as well as possible (ex: SEPA) to make transfers quickly . Through our network of accounts, we will find the fastest path to your bank account.

In addition to the above, Bixtrim solves several other problems that are not addressed by other crypto exchanges. Bixtrim promised that he would offer the fastest cash withdrawals from their exchanges using various banks in various parts of the world and comply with their various jurisdictions and legal requirements. If this is implemented correctly, this will solve the problem for various crypto currency holders who, if they have no problems, transfer their ownership from exchanges in their country.

Token Details:

The Crypto Economy gives us new ways to build new infrastructure through the use of Crypto Tokens. People gather to fund something they really want, something they truly believe. And as sign holders, they benefit from value growth.


  • Started - June 1, 2018
  • At the end of August 31, 2018,

Token Information:

Platform- Ethereum
Receive - BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment - 30 BXM

  • total emissions of 72,000 000 tokens.
  • This is divided into several parts:
  • 7 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including.
  • First week of sale of 1 300,000 (60% discount)
  • Second Week Sales 2 600,000 (40% discount)
  • Third Week Sales 3 900,000 (20% discount)
  • The sales process usually starts from the fourth week and 45,800,000 postcards will be sold at the original cost.
  • 6 500 000 codes for introductory bonuses and lottery drawings.
  • 11,900,000 cards live in co-founders, partners, and advisory ownership.

The total emissions volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts:

10 800 000 tokens will be sold at discount prices, including.
Private sales from June 1 to June 20 - 3 000 000 BXM (Done)
Stage 1 Sales (to be announced) - 1 300,000 BXM (60% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)
Stage 2 Sales (to be announced) - 2 600,000 BXM (40% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)
Stage 3 Sales (to be announced) - 3 900 000 BXM (20% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)

Regular sales process (to be announced)

42 800,000 tokens will be sold at original prices.
6 500 000 tokens for prizes and bonuses.
720 000 tokens for Bounty and Airdrop programs
11 180 000 tokens live in co-founders, partners, and ownership advisors.


  • First week of sale: 60%
  • Second sales week: 40%
  • Third week of sale: 20%
  • Code for sale 53.6 million



To find out in depth about the operation of the Bixtrim exchange technology, one would be meant to understand that it was started to end the barricade problem in an easy way to send a series of exchanges in a split second. more than that, our payment methods include SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers, debit and credit cards and various crypto currencies.

For more information, follow the link below:


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