Nollycoin - Decentralized Ecosystem for Film Distribution in Developing Countries

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Nollycoin is the first digital currency designed to use blockchain technology to solve various problems and complexities at various stages of film financing, creation and distribution of creative works in Nollywood, the productive film industry and other third world film industries. Using Nollycoin, film producers and their collaborators can license their content as "code contracts" directly to a decentralized database called "blockchain". I have tracked the records of various team members and I can say that they are very professional.


Nollycoin is understood, designed and created to provide sophisticated solutions to hard problems of Nollywood (African films generally) Some direct and direct goals from Nollycoin to overcome specific problems in industry including:

  • Providing Copyright Protection and Solving Piracy Problems
  • Provides Universal exchange tools for Nollywood films
  • Give top Financial Support to some of the best Manufacturers in Nollywood
  • Provides a Multi-level World Level distribution to justify financial investment
  • To Provide Access to Financing and Capital for qualitative film products
  • Enable Fair Compensation for collaborators in making films

Nollycoin also offers many win-win opportunities to stakeholders in the Entertainment industry except for pirates and copyright thieves. Here are some solutions and opportunities that nollikouon brings into the interaction ecosystem. Hardworking film producers win

Nollycoin empowers the peer-to-peer revolutionary sharing and recording of the Peer-To-Peer platform for the Film industry. The Nollytainment Ecosystem will work on a decentralized ledger system for film publication and distribution using blockchain technology, with Nollycoin as a central exchange tool.

The Blockchain That Rewards Entertainers
The Nollytainment Project is a new and revolutionary system of sharing work and documentation of Peer-To-Peers for the film industry in Third World countries, especially Africa. The Nollytainment ecosystem will center on a decentralized ledger system for film publication and distribution, with Nollycoin as a central exchange tool.

Smart Transaction
Nollycoin enables film producers and collaborators of their creative work to license their content as "code contracts" directly to a decentralized database called "blockchain". These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of film producers and creative artists itself.

Consumers Consumers can access the global catalog of films stored on peer-to-peer networks and pay the owner directly using digital currency, based on their use. An easy-to-use tool can be designed to allow a smooth experience for film owners and consumers, and open protocols will allow third parties to build a Nolcoin ecosystem that is rich in software and value-added services.

NollyCoin Nollycoin also offers many win-win opportunities for stakeholders in the entertainment industry, except pirates and copyright thieves. Here are some solutions and opportunities that Nollycoin brings to the entertainment ecosystem.

Film producers who work hard win.

  • Collaborators and creative artists in the victory of the film production chain.
  • Film financiers and stakeholders in every finished film victory.
  • An open and transparent storage note book for all stakeholders.
  • Large open data on the Nollycoin blockchain can also lead to smarter films and other creative recommendations.

In editorial changes in blockchain, monetization and relations between film producers and contributors and communities. Children outside will now be published in registers with unique IDs and delivery periods in a way that cannot be changed. Any records that contain metadata can transparently and unchanged declarations of ownership and rights so that everyone can see and confirm.

Blockchain technology can also revolutionize film exposure. This infrastructure is based on smart contracts, programs that can be run in blocks along with micro payment transactions.

Users can now choose their favorite films and immediately reward stakeholders with cryptocurrency as they watch it, without third party interference

One of the advantages of blockchain is that it can create a more direct connection between the creator and the user. Film producers are no longer needed through the purchase of platforms, brokers and brokers that usually substantially reduce substantial income deductions and must receive continuous reimbursement every time the film is viewed.

Despite the transition to the power of digital cinema as a boon to cinema fans, now enjoy access to the growing online catalog of Nollywood and Africa.

3 Core Goals behind NollyCoin sales tokens:

  1. Build a peer-to-peer Content Platform
  2. Blockchain with Nollycoin as the main exchange medium where Creative Artists can register their content without third party intervention, reduce costs to consumers and increase profits for artists. Viewers will be able to make micro payments directly for movies with just one click! Every original content maker will be paid ultimately depends on how their creations work. The Nolly platform supported by blockchain ensures different copyrights are guaranteed.
  3. Sales of NollyCoin tokens are used to raise funds so that we can make the next generation of content sharing platforms perfect. We will also use the funds collected to get blockbuster movies for the platform. NollyCoin will also do its best to make the filmmaker have an exclusive list on the movie platform.

Token Holder can use their NollyCoin tokens as exclusive premium tickets to watch and access movies on the Nolly Platform.

Crowd Sales Details

The sale of many NollyCoin Tokens will consist of five different stages based on time and date. The following is a chart that illustrates prices

1 NOLLY = 0.000025
Minimum Ethics Participation Purchase: 0.10 ETH [3,200 NOLLY]
Softcap total ~ 2,000 ETH
Total Hardcap ~ 6,000 ETH
Token Total Allocation: 500,0,00,000
Total offered for sale: 350,000.00, 0 [70%]
Total Reserved For Founders: 97,500,000 [19.5%]
Total Reserved for Partners: 27,500,000 [5.5%]
Total for Bounties / Airdrops: 25,000,000 [5.0%]
Minimum limit: $ 2,000,000
Maximum limit: $ 6,000,000


The Nollytainment team consists of a group of eclectic individuals who have excelled in their fields and have shown consistency and performance and success. Our team is experienced in software development, film production, cryptocurrency, and business administration.

For more information contact the link below:

Ann Thread:

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1752412
Eth address: 0x282e1B443eB97CA37FcB0413ec33F021fc6b4f5D

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