SHARK LOTTO - Decentralized Lottery, Supported by Ethereum Blockchain.

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Welcome to the review that I present to all of you in searching for information and knowing the Shark Lotto project that is currently being run by the team if there are deficiencies in explaining this article, don't worry, I have prepared a link for you to get accurate information. and of course you will be able to speak directly with the founder or our project team.

Shark Lotto is a Lottery International and transparent decentralization based on the Ethereum Blockchain. which gives users the most transparent and honest winning opportunities. With blockchain technology it will radically change the ancient way of holding a traditional lottery game that is perfect for everyone who likes to win! This is the Crypto lottery you've been waiting for! with several main advantages in important moments. We believe that Shark Lotto will change the world once and forever.

Let's look at this video to have insight into what shark lotto is


  • Safe and Secure You can safely order lottery tickets for each jackpot. Victory is distributed by the blockchain network, strictly according to the rules of the game. The results of each match can be verified in the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. Our solution is 100% Safe based on blockchain technology.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time for a full refund. Shark Lotto is an International decentralized lottery supported by Blockchain. Playing from any part of the planet, using cryptocurrency,

  • Our blockchain infrastructure industry is based on blockchain technology that is able to solve many existing problems and dramatically change markets.

  • Lottery players and winners remain anonymous always. Our lottery uses a secure Random Number Generator based on the decentralized Bitcoin protocol. The program source code is available for inspection on Github. Easy to use even for those who only have basic computer skills.

  • Start by trusting our standards, commitment to trust, honesty, transparency and responsiveness. A fair chance for each player of the game is based on the total random combination received from the blockchain. It's safe and can't be manipulated. Your victory depends only on luck and mathematical possibilities.

  • Fair Games All Shark Lotto prizes are paid automatically by smart contracts immediately after the picture. This allows you to get any amount of prizes at once from any part of the world without additional fees and fees. - Instant payment of prizes is based on Ethereum's smart contract technology,

  • Our professional team is a team of top industry professionals with great competence in leading the development of generation lottery and online marketing. Trying to be the best in our field, focusing on the best customer experience.


  • Lotteries are fully decentralized and transparent managed by Ethereum smart contracts.

  • All operations, including player bets, results, jackpot management and distribution of sales funds are recorded on the blockchain.

  • There are no previous deposit requirements and provide full anonymity with the ability to purchase instant tickets. Direct, secure and anonymous payment directly after each lottery draw.

  • There are also other benefits such as: advanced privacy, SSL security, instant withdrawals, etc.

  • The lottery is operated by an independent contract that is entirely independent as a guarantor of regulation that changes itself.

  • Full transparency and security thanks to the removal of a smart contract for the involvement of third parties in the drawing process and fund management.


Tokens released on the Ethereum platform comply with ERC20 standards. The total number of tokens released is 10,000,000. Other tokens outside this number are not planned to be released.

  • Hard hat
    $ 7,000,000

  • Soft hat
    $ 1,500,000

  • Total Number of Tokens Published

  • Total for sale (70%)


For more detailed information about the project that we live, contact the link below:

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