INX Utility & Economics — InziderX P2P Exchange

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INX Utility & Economics — InziderX P2P Exchange


INX is the utility asset of the InziderX exchange. It allows discounted access to the solutions offered by our exchange to advances and novices digital assets traders.

The INX digital utility asset is the main instrument with which our team plans to develop the decentralized exchange wallet.


INX Utility

It will be possible to use the INX as a utility asset for the solutions that InziderX offers to its users.

  • 10% discount on transaction fees.

  • payment for signal services

  • reward to forum contributors

  • rewards for negotiators contest

  • reward for market maker


  • Buyers of the sale with three levels of contributions

  • InziderX users with reduced fees and rewards

  • Miners — it will be possible to undermine the INX

The sale of InziderX will be used to develop the decentralized exchange with all its tools for advanced negotiators, its portfolio, as well as other options to support its community: forums, contests, signal.

50% of the INX will be mined in the Genesis Block . 42% will be distributed to the buyers of the sale and will be used to develop InziderX projects. 6.6% will be kept in reserve for the management of the exchange and 1.4% will be used for the advertising program.

50% of INX can be mined at 1.5% per year.

It will take approximately 66 years before its total issue.

The softcap for the sale of the INX asset is $ 3 million and the hardcap is $ 30 million.


Name : Active Digital InziderX

Code : INX

Quantity issue : 144,000,000

Premined quantity for the presale : 72 000 000

Introductory price : $ 0.55

Contribution levels

Total quantity available : 60,000,000 INX

Launch price : $ 0.55

Payment method accepted : BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH & ETH

1st level

Bonus: 40%

Price per INX: 0.55 ($ 0.33)

INX available: 8,000,000

Beginning of the sale: June 2018

End of the private sale: On the complete sale of this level

First distribution: April 2019

Return: $ 2,640,000

2nd level

Bonus: 20%

Price per INX: 0.55 ($ 0.44)

INX available: 15,000,000

Start of the sale: At the full sale of the first level

End of sale: At the full sale of this level

First distribution: March 2019

Return: $ 6,600,000

3rd level

Price per INX: $ 0.55

INX available: 37,000,000

Beginning of the sale: At the full sale of the second level

End of sale: At the full sale of this level

First distribution: Febuary 2019

Return: $ 20,350,000

Total Return: $ 29,590,000


Here’s how the InziderX team plans to use the funds generated by the sale.

70% : Terminal, Portfolio and Community Development

20% : Team, advisor and private investors

5% : Legal Aspect

5% : Reserve

Adjustments may occur during InziderX operations.

The purpose of this distribution is to ensure the good development of our projects.

Full distribution of INX

50% mining

= 72,000,000 INX

50% premine

42% Sale = 60,000,000 INX

6.6% Reserve = 10,000,000 INX

1.4% Bounty = 2,000,000 INX

Total = INX 144,000,000

42% of the sale

Tier 1 = 8M INX * $ 0.33 = $ 2,640,000

Tier 2 = 15M INX * $ 0.44 = $ 6,600,000

Tier 3 = 37M INX * $ 0.55 = $ 20,350,000

Total 60M INX = $ 29,590,000

Reward for promotion and Airdops

Total value of the program = $ 1,100,000

For 2,000,000 INX * $ 0.55

500,000 INX in Airdrops = $ 275,000

1,500,000 INX Bounty = $ 825,000

  • The same amount of INC bonus

Note : The undistributed INX will be kept in reserve for the management of the exchange.


Reward for promotion & Airdrops

The community is the key and InziderX relies on it to make its project known to the widest possible audience. The InziderX team believes that the solutions its project proposes are the future of digital asset trading. Contributors who like us see this revolution will be rewarded for sharing this common vision.

A rewards program will be available in PDF format on our website where all details on the participation and rewards plans will be provided.

These rewards will be offered to individuals who participate in one or more of these programs:

  • Registration

  • Avatar & Signature INX

  • Like & Repost

  • Positive feedback

  • Content creation

  • Translation

We invite you to visit our website under the White Paper section for more details on this rewards program and we encourage you to participate.


For those who share the vision of the future of InziderX, the solution is clear. Decentralized exchanges are the future of digital asset trading.

The increasingly expensive hacks are making the best centralized exchanges currently open obsolete. And despite their valuable services, they do not provide the necessary tools for active negotiators and with algorithms.

The benefits of decentralization are numerous, and today’s technology now makes it possible to integrate them into digital asset exchanges.

The value proposition of InziderX goes beyond simply putting solutions in place for its users. We are building the basic infrastructure of the reality of tomorrow.

Become an Inzider!

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