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What is 2Ether? 2Ether is the new fork of Ethereum, whose goal is to create an innovative space for launching IEO, decentralized trading, smart contract design and crowdfunding startups. We strive to select the best ideas of the community and bring them to life, creating an environment in which miners, developers and the most promising infrastructure projects can flourish.

So how do you get miners to switch to PoS? This is true by making the old PoW method unprofitable. To achieve this, Ethereum has integrated an elegant and dangerous device into its code - the so-called complexity bomb. Complexity means how difficult it is to find a puzzle solution for each block. The more complex the puzzle, the more time it takes to produce each new block - and the more energy the miner needs to spend. At first, complexity increases only slightly from time to time. But then it starts to accelerate. New blocks require more and more discoveries. Transactions require more time to confirm. And since miners find fewer new blocks, they get fewer rewards. Sooner or later, the network stops working. This is called the bomb of difficulty, and for miners, this is the main incentive to agree to Proof-of-Stake.

Free audit of smart contracts. For a project preparing for an ICO, a smart contract audit is a crucial step. An audit report proves to potential investors that their funds are safe. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies charge large amounts for contract audits - and do not always give reliable results. 2Ether will use a mixture of machine analysis and crowd wisdom to review the contract. Firstly, the algorithm will scan the contract to detect and correct the most common errors. Then, audited community auditors will conduct their own reviews.

Project founders will only have to pay a standard network fee. The results will be publicly available, and if the result is positive, the prospects for the IEO project will improve. At the same time, developers who test smart contracts will receive dynamically increasing block rewards.

Principle of the 2Ether project

2EtherDEX has huge advantages and reasons for use. A decentralized exchange does not store your assets, because neither hacker attacks nor the complete collapse of the exchange itself are threatened with a loss of funds, which is a huge plus compared to centralized exchanges, which are hacked regularly enough, including large exchanges. When connecting to a wallet, you do not give your private key and all your information is not stored on the exchange server.

There are no personal accounts on the decentralized exchange, verification is not required, and you do not even need to specify an email address, therefore user personal data no one can use or steal. You can choose one of 3 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS and TRON, easily trading any token.

Project development plan

The project is very promising, has an idea and development potential. What they do is of great interest to partners, the development and creation of a product really needs to be implemented and used. Well, you must remember that investing in startups is still a risky business, and of course it’s very profitable.

Additional Information:

Website: https://2ether.com

Whitepaper: https://2ether.com/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5201756.0

Telegram: https://t.me/blockchain_2ether

Twitter: https://twitter.com/2Ether_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2Ether

Author: JackBad5 (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2504843)

ETH wallet: 0x9C6002F93Cf0367aB6DEb4C09b69e5aB31b68142

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I like that the project emphasizes decentralization. Such projects are now the most urgent.

It is a best time to buy some altcoin and i suggest must follow this program and must buy this token for your future.

I sincerely believe in the success of your project! After the successful conduct of ICO and listing on stock exchanges, the price of your token will grow many times!

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