Blockvest: Don't Miss This Masternode Oppurtunity!

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I wish I had bought a Dash node back in 2014. Those who bought these nodes for cheap in 2014 have made a lot of money. Every week those who run a Masternode make more Dash and all they have to do is run an Amazon server and hold some coins. It's residual income and very little work or worry; you just collect!

Now it's a little too late to get into a Dash node; it's prohibitively expensive. It takes 1000 Dash to hold a Masternode and at this time one Dash is worth 159 dollars. So it would cost you 159,000 dollars to acquire this node. I look at this enormous cost and consider buying a house instead!

So let's face it, for most of us it's too late to get a Dash masternode. But it's not too late to get a Blockvest Nvest Node!

Blockvest Nvest Node Explained

Blockvest is an upcoming exchange that will use a stable coin as the payment method for the exchange's fees. This stable coin will make payments predictable and keep big purchasers from losing large amounts of crypto. Those who hold the Nvest Nodes will make the stable coins possible for everyone else. The Blockvest Node investors will hold 1000 Blockvest coins as collateral for the exchange users. Most of these coins will be invested in a crypto index fund with a certain percentage set aside to give customers the stable coin.

So the Nvest Node holders will take the risk and give the customers a stable coin. In return the Node holders will receive a percentage of the exchange fees and generate a passive income. So, if you missed your chance with Dash you can get in with Blockvest instead!

To hold a Blockvest node will require 1000 Blockvest coins and each coin will cost one dollar. Because Blockvest tokens are a stable coin the objective is to tether them to the US dollar and maintain the same price no matter what. This is why the tokens are not priced lower. This is good news for an investor who wants a stable passive income. Because the coin will maintain a stable price it should generate stable returns in a bear market or sideways market and will do just fine in a bull run.

Check Them Out!

Most likely you missed your chance with Dash but it's not too late for Blockvest! If you are interested in learning more about this neat project check out their website at and be sure to read their whitepaper. They also have a telegram channel where their helpful moderators will be happy to answer additional questions. Also be sure to search for Blockvest in the Steemit search engine and there will be even more useful articles to read.

** Do Your Homework**

Keep in mind this is not financial advice. I am just someone on the internet writing about an ICO that I happen to this is really cool. Always do your own research and remember that cryptocurrency is an emerging market and is inherently risky. So please don't bet the family farm on it.


I think Blockvest is a neat opportunity and is a good chance to hold a node. If this is something you find interesting be sure to check their website at Good luck in all of your endeavors and happy Hodling!

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