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4년 전

Cryptassist is multi-explorer blockchain platform which thrives the best ever experience of trading whether you are a novice or a well experienced crypto trader. As we look in to the world of cryptocurrency, It is highly volatile. Losing your time in finding the best exchange for the price could be tricky. Cryptassist has a permanent solution for this problem. Thus Cryptassist is providing you all the necessary information about your favorite crypto with maximum trading price on a specific exchange. Saving your time and ensuring the best profits even in the bear market.

The main motive of the cryptassist is to make everyone familiar with cryptocurrency and its application. For ease of use of cryptocurrency, Cryptassist emerges itself with a crypto debit card. This debit card will allow its user to 50 crypto currencies which you can withdraw at any place. The transaction will be done same as other debit card like visa or any other mastercard but the transaction speed is rather high. Cryptassist debit card can make around 5000+ transactions per second. Thus your cryptocurrency will be converted into fiat as it works as any other debit card. Cryptassist beta wallet app is launched, you can use your favorite top 50 cryptocurrencies to store in the the debit card. The app is eco friendly as it is very easy to use and with 24/7 customer support.

Cryptassist is working on the DAG algorithms and a well set deflation ecosystem for their tokens. Deflation is the process of burning of tokens as to decrease the token supply thus increase in the price of each token. This will help CTA investors to make huge profits as the time passes. Cryptassist will provide some services in which the CTA use will be deflated.

Not just only to the way for technology, Cryptassist will also care for the society. Cryptassist will donate its 2% of raised funds to the welfare of the society. It will donate to international ocean conservation and reforestation non-profit organizations.

To reward its legitimate investors who will buy the coin from the ICO, Cryptassist will give one lucky winner a special prize. With every 250$ purchase for the CTA token, the buyer will get the lottery tickets. The draw will be conducted at the end of the ICO. The winner will get the chance to get Tesla roadster 2020. If the winner doesn’t want to wait until 2020, there is an option to get the brand new Tesla X100D. The draw will be a online number generating through which the winner will be decided. Thus more the ticket the individual have there will be more probability of winning this wonderful car.

Cryptassist will also launch its fully licensed spot exchange platform for the trade of different cryptocurrencies with CTA, which has significant 50% less transaction fees. Cryptassist will allow its user as much securer trading platform. The cryptassist will provide escrow services for the security of the funds thus minimizing the threat of the funds being lost in any transaction.

The ICO is started for the cryptassist and softcap is already achieved in equity. But there is still a chance to grab the CTA tokens. The price of the CTA is changed from 0.05$ to 0.38$. The total supply of the CTA is 88 millions tokens.

ICO Details-

Token Name- CTA
Total supply- 88,000,000 CTA.
Price of 1 CTA – 0.38$
Start date- Already started
End date- Around September 12, 2018
Current bonus- 20%

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Website ( Available in multi language)
ANN Thread
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