AETERNUM: The World's First Science and Intellectual Property!!!

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Aeternum is the only ICO Mobilizing Platform based on Intellectual Knowledge and Intellectual Property.
In general investing is distributing money or sometimes other sources, such as future expected benefits of the future for example,investments in durable goods,in the real estate sector by the service industry,in factories for production,in product development and in research and development. However,this article focuses particularly on investing in financial assets.

In finance, investment profits are called returns. Returns may include capital gains or capital gains,including dividends, benefits,rental income etc,or the second combination.The expected economic return is the right discount for future returns.This historical return consists of real capital gains or gains over the period of time.

Intellectual property is a category of property that includes intangible intellectual creations and mainly includes copyrights,patents and trademarks. It also includes other types of rights,such as trade secrets,advertising rights, moral rights and unfair competition rights.Works of art such as music and literature, as well as some inventions,discoveries,words,phrases,symbols and drawings can be protected as intellectual property.

AETERNUM is the place where the greatest minds meet to share their ideas and help people to advance in technological progress. In addition, Aeternum and its results are open to all and controlled by the community, as anyone with the Aeternum brand can participate in the decision-making process on funding ideas and help raise funds for future projects.

We truly believe that the development of such systems will make everyone happier for scientists who can now freely realize their ideas, people who receive revenue in the form of new goods or services and people who receive profits from their investments. Become an investor by buying Aeternum Tokens and the benefits of a better company and the results to be taken,official website

Our goal is to create a platform where every individual can invest in intellectual property rights scientists all over the world. This platform will be open to anyone with the Aeternum toet not only a select group of investors and there will be little contribution to the return of the realization of a scientific project.

Ease Available in AETERNUM


The new cryptic currencies supported by their work science startups and their intellectual property subsequently achieve a steady increase in the demand for money and therefore an increase in value.

Aeterum Fund

Make investments in these projects open to all those who have the Aeternum brand,investments will be made exclusively through BitLats.

Aeternum Smart City

Establish physical ecosystems for the development of these projects. The conversion of services into Smart City will be implemented with BitLats.

Aeternum Finance App

Create a financial app and use BitLats as a primary exchange mechanisms within an intelligent city.

Aeternum Finance App Features

Smartphone payments : Daily transactions from Offline Mobile App
Services : Integration with selected third-party service providers
Asset management : Opportunities to invest money in promising startups
Multi wallet : Crypto and fiat currencies in one place
Multi token wallet : Storage space for tokens of various platforms
Exchange : Fiat, crypto currency and token management and exchange
Direct sales : User to user crypto and token exchange
Multi-signature vault
Segwit ready
P2P and direct loans for Aeternum Ecosystem users
Loyalty services
Open API
Private round 01.01.2018. - 02.04.2018.
Pre ICO 02.04.2018. - 30.04.2018.
ICO round 1 01.06.2018. - 30.06.2018.
ICO round 2 01.10.2018. - 31.10.2018.
Token function Utility token
Token symbol : ALF
Tokens created : 300 million tokens
Sale volume : 270 million tokens
Price of the token : 1 ALF = 1 EUR
Payment methods : Crypto
Soft cap : 1 000 000 EUR
Hard cap : 300 000 000 EUR
Distribution of tokens
90% Crowdsale
10% Reserve tokens held

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Ethereum Wallet Address: 0xa2528974866FF3A24d322ad03941b51410645cCc

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