All-In-One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Adult x Token (ADUX) is a future adult entertainment project that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal here is to stratify into the most important niches on the adult entertainment industry on one platform and provide the user with a decentralized network, with convenient handling .

"Adult x Token "(ADUX) and its integration on" ADUxHub "offer an absolute, never-before-seen" all-in-one " solution for the adult entertainment industry. With the market, live Webcams and social network based on blockchain technology, the entire adult entertainment industry is approaching, as models / artists and companies from different niches in the industry can draw attention to "Aduxub".

Based on blockchain technology, they create a comprehensive solution for users of this industry. Away from government control, away from credit card payments and the exchange of this data, and cryptocurrency and the creation of new opportunities offered by this technology. Under the motto " adult x token-all in one adult solution Entertainment industry", this project should be implemented by 2019.

The name of the main platform will be "ADUxHub" - the goal here is combine the most important niches of the adult entertainment industry one platform and provide user with decentralized network, with user-friendly handling.

To achieve the "all - in - one solution" goal, "ADUxHub“ the platform will include a discount system where customers will receive

discounts on products / services of future partner companies in the form of voucher, adult live webcam show platform and social network.

Payment must be made by internal "Adult x Token" (ADUX), but also other common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). After successful creation of the platform, a prepaid card will appear. She will be called "Aduxpay Prepaid Card" and integrated as further payment methods on the platform. "ADUxPay prepaid card" will also be used as a worldwide form of payment. In addition to the model / artists will receive " prepaid card ADUxPay Classic " and thus immediately be able to dispose of the money earned.

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