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INFLEUM is an open source mark distributing and showcasing operator stage in light of blockchains that gives 8 DAPP benefits by ELSOL COMPANY. INFLEUM measures and circulates the estimation of impact as indicated by client support inside all phases of the brand distributing biological system cycle: speculation, organize, promoting, sharing, utilization, and installment. INFLEUM looks to guarantee a reasonable and solid conveyance by estimating the commitment of all clients engaged with the perplexing store network, from makers to buyers. Through an assortment of exercises, the client can obtain the INFLEUM and the gained INFLEUM can be utilized in different DAPP administrations. The stage additionally includes INFLEUM Combined Wallet to oversee IFUM tokens that are utilized as units of installment on the stage. The Smart Contract Agent Machine disentangles contract creation and causes clients to take part, check and execute battles in a compelling way. ELSOL COMPANY is Korea’s best start-up building association with collected deals income of more than 30 million US dollars. ELSOL has worked with 29 new companies, each brand developing by a normal of 2305%. Chief’s Choi will likely make a collusion domain in which anybody can begin a business without chance on the off chance that they have energy and thoughts, and unite cooperative energies at a quick pace. Furthermore, ELSOL has as of late propelled Project REDI that incorporates 8 arrangements that help new companies from coordinations, promoting, checking to coaching. These arrangements reflect INFLEUM’s eight starting DAPPs. With this perfect and viable switch ICO to make the INFLEUM Platform, ELSOL expects to decentralize and sustain the whole new company biological system beginning from Korea and past.

INFLEUM measures and distributes value of influence according to user participation within all stages of the brand publishing ecosystem cycle: investment, network, marketing, sharing, consumption, and payment.

About our product and ICO

For the time being, we will utilize a half breed blockchain consolidating off and side chains of Ethereum organize in contemplations to exchange handling velocity and commission. Later on, we intend to build up our own particular mainnet for the INFLEUM stage subsequent to settling on vital choices in light of generally speaking advancement and updates of each blockchain.

With a specific end goal to forestall data fraud, fear monger related abstinence, tax evasion, and monetary extortion, INFLEUM conducts the KYC confirmation process. Members must confirm their genuine name to meet KYC norms.

Tokens will be conveyed after the ICO is totally wrapped up. There will be a different declaration about the particular calendar toward the finish of ICO.

We mean to be recorded by ICO consummation and token dissemination, and we will decide the posting time frame considering the general circumstance of the scrambled currency showcase.

The INFLEUM token is a utility token used in the reward system of INFLEUM Platform. The token value is designed to increase as the platform’s value increases with the growth of an ecosystem that covers the entire value chain through the participation of clients, influencers, agents, and experts. INFLEUM is a special platform fuelled by companies and individuals who enhance brand value from all over the world.

INFLEUM looks to guarantee a reasonable and dependable dissemination by estimating the commitment of all clients associated with the mind boggling store network, from makers to shoppers.

Token detail

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