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Hello everyone, if you are interested in joining the LUX ANT DIGITALBANK project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you obtain information that can help you visualize your mission:

How often do we face the problem of withdrawing cash in cash, how many complexities and risks does a simple operation involve the exchange of your bit, air or other token in cash? There are many ways and mechanisms to reduce these risks, but how much more convenient would it be for us in the presence of a reliable and transparent mechanism, and even with the use of a card and ATM. There are several projects and teams that move the digital asset market in this direction. Today we will consider one of the new projects with ambitious objectives and fully implemented plans. An interesting approach is to implement your project in developing countries, where the main population is limited in standard banking services and products and can not afford to spend extra money on commissions for banking institutions with its extensive and expensive network.

The development team has a decent experience in the construction of this business, has specific work experience and contacts in the field of banking and intends to become leaders in this complex and dynamic market in development.

Cash continues to be the predominant form of money, especially in developing countries, although this will change in the coming decades as society develops and the well-being of citizens improves. Therefore, now electronic and digital money is gaining more popularity and is being introduced in many spheres of life as technology develops.

Technical requirements

  1. mobile application (Android, as the most presented solution on mobile devices).

  2. identification software

  3. The order of identification and authentication will be free for end users.

  1. no commission, zero costs for both the issuer and the recipient.

Lux Ant Digital, with the help of the new technology of "intelligent contracts", replaces the traditional measures of the banking business and offers customers through intelligent contracts to comply with agreements previously reached by intermediaries through a management system and autonomous and decentralized compliance conditions

By using the Lux Digital Ant platform, used as electronic banking, you can establish relationships with customers, suppliers and stores, completely controlling the transfer, payment and debit process.

Secure payment card

The innovative theme of a debit card, this means a new approach in the development of the card. This is a more functional chipless card, which uses a QR code, which is presented directly with the bank account indication.

ATM network

Lux Ant Digital plans to implement a project to deploy ATMs to serve its customers, which will undoubtedly benefit the end user in the form of:

• crypto-currency exchange operations, for example bitcoin and ether.

• entry / exit of digital assets through the national currency.

• operations to replace the card.

Lux Ant Digital presents the main development points:

• Custom development of tokens.

• commercial robot.

• Production of ATMs with software.

• Storage of digital assets.

• Counseling.

• Exchange service.

• A learning network in which companies may be interested.

Now that the world is entering a new era, a new generation is growing and learning through new types of technology, understanding the basic principles of communication with digital worlds from an early age. At this time, it is very important not to miss the process of introducing and using the new financial system along with well-established traditional banking services. What could be more important in the digital age than the ability to quickly and safely transform your digital assets into traditional capital preservation mechanisms, without intermediaries and commissions, all day and anywhere?
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