BRAVO - Send and Receive Payments with the Power of Blockchain

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Bravo is an innovative software that is ideal for the work of a platform for transferring money between users. The use of blockchain enables efficient and fast execution of any transactions involving crypto currency. Safe, anonymous, extremely fast payments - that's what the decentralized Bravo platform offers its customers. The developers have done everything to make the transactions as safe and efficient as possible - smart contracts protect money from the scammers' encroachments and guarantee the execution of the transaction.

Bravo's anonymous mobile payment technology continued to evolve into the next generation payment platform, incorporating blockchain technology into its business. This technology is another step towards making payments more anonymous, less expensive, worldwide and most importantly, speeding up the transaction time by giving the user full control over the transaction. BRAVO Pay continues to bring financial opportunities to a new generation that values simplicity, privacy and transparency with a payment solution designed for mass acceptance of crypto payments!

Bravo is customizing that starting at now exists since 2015. First, it was made in the US settled money (USD) promote, anyway the association dispatched its own specific token, and in 2019 another revive will make the item available for use with blockchain development. BVO recognizable pieces of proof will be impelled in the cutting-edge pre-release coin the association masterminded, and they will manage the association’s own particular stage.

Bravo is looking to improve the way micropayments like tipping and paying for goods are done by offering increased security and privacy, faster speeds, and reducing costs. To help expand their global reach while providing a better solution, Bravo will be upgrading their existing platform into a blockchain infrastructure. The Bravo ecosystem will consist of an interaction between BVO and fiat on the same app while completing transactions on the Bravo blockchain.

The BVO coin is the official network currency and will be integrated into the Bravo app wallet. BVO is a utility token that is decentralized in control and will complete high demand transactions faster and at a fraction of the cost. The BVO token can easily be converted into BVO-P for private transactions sent over the Bravo network. BRAVO (BVO) will establish itself globally for commercial use through the Bravo app that already has a user base in the thousands. What drives the BVO token and ultimately the liquidity, is BRAVO’s and BVO real use case.


  • Anonymous fiat or crypto payments seamlessly in seconds powered by a scalable hybrid blockchain.
  • Find users nearby with geolocation or search directly by username or private code.
  • Hybrid blockchain allows alternating from traditional blockchain to anonymous blockchain on-demand with Incognito payments protocol for additional security.
  • BVO token solution capable of any type of payment including tipping, micro-payments and macro-payments.
  • Funds and payments are recorded (deposited) on user’s BRAVO account immediately (low latency) after transaction. Transactions recorded on the BRAVO blockchain cannot be altered or tampered.
  • Simple account authentication and recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to tokens and funds 100% of the time.
  • Funds can be attached to a private message via our in-app messenger.


Search for a transfer recipient

Via the GPS system, BRAVO will find all possible tokens nearby. In this case, the system will retain your privacy, it will only show the numbers of the purses of people nearby, to which you can transfer tokens.

Reliable payment will be carried out in full volume, quickly and without commission. The guarantor of payment is the block.

Anonymous chat In the application you can not only transfer money but also communicate with your friends, for example, asking to return a familiar debt, or write to Mom or the Pope the phrase "skinte denezhek." Thus, we see that the company already now will create a stable community around the world and not only in the United States, and it seems to me that this community will only evolve with time.

BRAVO Company is very actively developing and is keeping pace with the times, which is why they decided to become a blockbuster and new technologies.


It is worth highlighting the main features of this decentralized platform:

The first secure platform, which guarantees full protection of user facilities and data.

No scammers can use their schemes and get your money;

Incredibly low commission and lack of actual intermediaries. You do not have to cooperate with a third party in order to make the necessary payment. It's enough just to find a partner for the transaction and arrange everything through an intellectual contract;

Developers are always connected. This is what makes it possible to calculate the success of the project, they do everything for its planned development. The project has already been launched in 2015 in the US and has been operating successfully for quite a long time, attracting new customers.


The BRAVO token solution provides the ability to make payments focused on micro traders, micro payments and tipping. In that world inevitably move to the community without money, BVO tokens, praised by seamless user experience and our scalable technology, built for today's consumers and ready for the adoption of a true global mass of digital currencies.

Bravo will initially release an ERC-20 token for those who wish to pre-purchase BVO Coin. Those who purchase the ERC-20 tokens will benefit from reduced prices and will be able redeem their ERC-20 tokens for BVO Coin to use in the Bravo App. ERC-20 tokens that are redeemed will be taken out of circulation.

In other words, the Bravo tokens on sale during the ICO are ERC20 tokens, BVO-ERC. After the ICO there will be a token swap where BVO-ERC tokens will be exchanged for BVO tokens, and then burned. There will be a total supply of 1 billion BVO tokens. The BVO token will be priced at $0.10 for the public ICO sale.

Token Details

  • Token name: BVO
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Token: 1,000,000,000
  • % Tokens For Sale: 50%
  • Token Sales Period: TBA
  • Token Price: $ 0.10
  • Hard Cap: $ 34,700,000
  • Currencies Received: ETH, BTC & USD
  • Citizenship Received: Anything except the People's Republic of China, Singapore, United States & Canada.


Token Allocation



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