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Only a few game enthusiasts are lucky and skillful enough to make a full-time residing from their passion. Meanwhile, informal gamers do now not earn anything and that is damaging to the environment. eSports Ecosystem will empower all game enthusiasts via creating a digital foreign money for the esports ecosystem a good way to complement the current fiat payout structure and reward now not just the top echelon of gamers but additionally reward informal gamers. There are three important issues which eSports Ecosystem aims to solve which are:

  • Many tournaments have low payout prize pools which makes it very difficult to make a living as a professional gamer.
  • Many tournaments simplest pay out the top 3 to top 10 except you’re inside the higher echelon of ability level, it’s miles very hard to attain the payout.
  • Many tournaments organizers lose cash or attain very little rewards for organizing activities. Like an awful lot as they prepare those occasions for the passion, it isn’t always sustainable lengthy-term if they are constantly losing cash.

eSports is creating the biggest eSports portal in the world. This high quality experience, meaningful to our gamer friends and fans, will enable them to create, curate, share and enjoy great content together, or even participate in and contribute to events. is a blockchain-based eSports platform that recently launched its ICO. The goal of the platform is to create the home of eSports and “become the biggest content community platform worldwide.” The creators of the platform want to lift eSports coverage to the next level, making it rival today’s sports TV coverage.


eSports's mission is to be the standard cryptocurrency for all of eSports. We will sponsor players, teams and tournaments and we will increase the existing cash prize pools by adding ESE tokens! We will empower gamers!


  • Staking Rewards

Staking Rewards allow you to receive additional tokens passively by simply keeping your ESE tokens in the official ESE mobile wallet app. It will automatically accumulate additional ESE daily.

  • ESE Loyalty Nodes

This program is to reward the loyal. If you accumulate and hold enough ESE tokens to reach any of the 5 tiers, you will be rewarded extra bonus percentages on top of the Staking Rewards. If you hold the required amount of ESE, you will earn the respective bonus of that tier level. You will receive this bonus amount on top of the daily regular Staking Rewards bonus. There is a maturity period to reach the maximum bonus reward. Every 7 days you achieve 25% of the maximum bonus reward. This means that after 28 days, you will reach your maximum bonus reward.


eSports Ecosystem (ESE) is an ERC20 token that is designed for the gaming industry. The token will be used for various purposes, e.g. payouts, tournament entry fees, etc. The users who keep tokens in their ESE wallets will benefit from staking rewards, i.e. the wallets will automatically accumulate additional ESEs depending on the number of tokens the user holds. The solution also envisages a loyalty reward that will be distributed together with the daily staking reward. The amount of this reward depends on the number of ESEs held and will be distributed every 7 days

The challenge is to grow to be the usual cryptocurrency for all eSports. The venture of the team's token, the eSports environment(ESE) is to create a digital currency to bring fee to the eSports atmosphere. This cryptocurrency may be used for many things: as cryptocurrency payouts to the players, as an entry charge into tournaments, to change for merchandise on-site or online and most significantly, this cryptocurrency might be used for the growth and facilitation of the esports atmosphere. 17% of the entire preliminary deliver could be saved in a public wallet and we are able to use the one's price range to offer lower back to the esports environment by means of adding to prizes pools, with the aid of sponsorship players, teams and tournaments, for charities, for gaming scholarships, for advertisement to bring attention and growth to esports among others things.


Cryptocurrencies must be convenient and easy to use and so ESE has created the official ESE mobile wallet app which is downloadable at PLAYSTORE and APPLE store.

Some key features of the ESE mobile wallet app are:

  1. Hold, send and receive ESE tokens and ACT coins
  2. Receive daily Staking Rewards
  3. Receive daily ESE Loyalty Nodes rewards
  4. Check the balance of your ESE/ACT
  5. Transaction history
  6. Displays your current level of ESE Loyalty Nodes
  7. App notifies you when you have reached a different level ESE Loyalty Nodes
  8. App notifies you when you have received your daily rewards


  • Competent Team and Partnership project has recently entered into partnership with some leading Gaming and esports firms, also the team behind the project has good record of experience in the industry This is an edge over other competitors in the crypto space.

  • Innovation

The platform has an all-in-one solution that covers every possible subsystem needed on the board. In fact, other esports providers will become Esports customers.

  • User Friendly

Unlike other Gaming platform where investors are faced with challenges of technical know-how, has easy features that anyone can easily use or operate

  • Community Support

The eSports project has a huge support, you can check out the telegram group with over 11k members, Twitter and Facebook also has a huge followers.

  • Market Availability

Unlike other project that struggles to survive after crowdfunding, the eSports project has an already available market waiting for it launch. It will interest you to know that the project has sponsored some players.


The initial coin offering is ongoing and the soft cap has already been reached. eSports Ecosystem (ESE) is an ERC20 token that is designed for the gaming industry. The token will be used for various purposes, e.g. payouts, tournament entry fees, etc.

See more information below;

  • Token ticker: ESE
  • Pre-Sale: September 15th, 2018 – September 30th 2018
  • Presale Hard Cap: 1,270,000,000 ESE
  • Public Sale: October 10th, 2018 – October 31st, 2018
  • Public Sale Hard Cap: 5,060,000,000 ESE
  • Total time supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Maximum token supply: 30,000,000,000
  • Pre sale price: $0.0019
  • Public sale price: $0.0039
  • Total Hardcap: $22,147,000 USD
  • Accepted: ETH, BTC, ACT, USDT

Bonus Structure (Public Sale Only)

  • Day 1: 10%
  • Day 2: 5%
  • Day 3: 3%
  • Day 4-7: 2%



For more information, please visit:

Website :
ANN Thread:

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