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TrustED is an academic credential verification service, that brings honesty, legitimacy, and convenience to the human resources industry. The TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain.

Academic credential verification are a valuable tool in pre-employment background checks, since they confirm whether or not a candidate has earned the diploma or degree claimed, hence highlighting a candidate's qualifications and possibly revealing information about your candidate's honesty and integrity."

Trusted Platform identified a huge gap in the market worthy of exploring. Currently, there exists no universal database of records where an authority can go to verify academic credentials of any one individual, nor is there one for these individuals to securely store their credentials. Venturing into this will make Trusted King and the market base will be enormous considering the number of institutions that will register and investors will surely reap great benefits as a result of the market size.

Some Institutions go extinct and are not contactable, with this increased risk, obtaining past credentials of Individuals becomes a problem and are sometimes at a very high cost. The same principle applies for students who may be transferring to international universities from incapacitated academic institutions which makes it impossible to contact and verify the academic data. Huge market potential here for-Trusted, and the potential rewards surely will be worthwhile.

TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain.

In addition, permissioned parties will have the ability to confidently verify academic credentials of an individual through the TrustED platform, bringing an end to existing lengthy, expensive and manual processes.


The concept of digitalizing academic credentials become apparent, and through innovative blockchain technology the TrustED concept poised to revolutionize the way we receive, share and verify our academic credentials. TrustED expanded significantly in the first 6 months, partnering with Californias NetObjex and Dubai’s BlockGemini to produce an all in one solution which enables academic institutions to store and issue academic credentials, students to digitally hold and share their academic credentials, and employers and other verifying third parties to instantly verify ones academic credentials.”


Benefits for Academic Institutions

The TrustED platform will feature a secure ecosystem that will facilitate and enable academic institutions to securely store credentials and certificates in a cryptographic manner through the use of the IPFS storage mechanism. Institutions will gain benefits because this distributed accounting mechanism is immune to any space or opportunity for security attack or system outage.

Using a standalone digital platform, universities and other institutions will greatly reduce overhead costs by minimizing the administrative costs associated with employer inquiries or centralized fees for maintaining your database.

Institutions can protect their brand because they are now assured that no one is falsely claiming to have studied or received academic credentials from their institutions.

The platform will ensure the permanence of academic credentials, minimizing any risks associated with lost or lost credentials due to external or human errors during the manual handling process.

Institutions will be able to verify the academic credentials of students coming from abroad or from academic institutions that are no longer contactable (specifically targeted to international students studying abroad), thus making it easier to identify content that has already been studied and is compatible .

Something very important today, through the digital platform there is no need for reprinting of certificates / diplomas.

Institutions will be able to charge for verification checks of academic credentials, creating an additional revenue stream for them.

Benefits for Students

Students will now have access to a digital copy of their academic credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reducing the risk associated with losing a paper copy so that they can easily get their certificate in hand.

The TrustED platform will ensure that the recipient’s academic credentials remain permanently intact and immutable. This will minimize the risks associated with losing your credentials in the future.

In the event that individuals need to share their academic credentials in an immediate circumstance, they can do so through the TrustED application. This is particularly useful if an employee needs to share their academic qualifications with their employer, or a student moves to study abroad and needs to provide their current academic credentials.

With academic credentials being stored through IPFS, it will use cryptographic mechanisms, ensuring that the individual maintains full control over who can view and access their credentials, while maintaining the anonymity of their information.

Benefits for Employers

Employers and other verification parties are guaranteed that the individuals’ academic credentials are legitimate and have not been tampered with or altered in any way.

Employers, for example, will now have the ability to instantly check and access the academic credentials of an employee or employee candidate.

Through the ability to instantly verify and access an individual’s academic credentials, employers and verifier parties will reduce the costs and time delays associated with the current verification method.


  • If an institution shuts down or ceases operations due to wars or other calamities, the academic records of students are still accessible and verifiable.
  • Potential system downtime, or server issues with the current system will no longer be an issue.
  • 24x7x365 accessibility to view and verify academic credentials.
  • Impossible to now fake certificates/diplomas.
  • Easy to use mobile application for verifiers to verify academic credentials.


For managing payments and receipts on the TrustED platform, the Ethereum mainnet provides a suitable solution. The TrustED Token (TED) will be based on the ERC20 standard. The motive behind utilizing this standard is due to its wide acceptance and interoperability as well as its ability to easily be implemented into other services. In order to minimize the high transaction fees and avoid the low throughput of the Ethereum network, the TrustED platform accounts for all transactions within the system using a utility token TCRD (TrustED Credits) that is hosted on TrustEDs private blockchain network. This yields significantly lower transaction fees and higher scalability of operations within the TrustED network.

ITO Details

  • Token Name: TED
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Total Token Supply: 1,720,000,000.00 TED
  • ITO Token Supply: 1,204,000,000.00 TED
  • ITO Duration: Q1 2019
  • Soft Cap: $11,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $21,070,000
  • Price for one token: $0.02
  • ITO min purchase: US$10
  • Private Pre-Sale: Oct 1, 2018 — Jan 20, 2019
  • ITO: Jan 20, 2019 — Mar 20, 2019

TrustED will employ the use of TrustED tokens (TED) an ERC20 compliant token to facilitate the purchase of Trust Credits (TCRD) which is a native token to TrustED, utilized for all payments and transactions within the system.

Distribution of Tokens



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