JUST 3 DAYS Until ICO Pre-Sale | Jury.Online Protocol Fuses Human Judgment with Code in the Pursuit of Raw Reason & Ethics

3년 전


The Jury.Online protocol defines the unbreakable laws in a smart contract operation. The protocol sets milestones required for the contract's execution and resolution. The protocol governs the interaction between a judge and pools of judges, counter-parties, and the process through which communication and information is encrypted. Let us not forget though, the protocol is open to the public. Decentralization exposes it to, and molds it by, the very public it has been drafted to serve. Just like any other blockchain, every time it's attacked and hacked, it's tweaked and adjusted. Every time the protocol is challenged and tested, it adapts, building an immunity to manipulation. The Jury.Online protocol was born from centuries of human behavior to provide the first ever cohesive collaboration between human judgment and code, in the pursuit of raw ethics and reason. This is why it's safe; it's fair, and it's simple. Because, through the Jury.Online protocol, justice can truly be blind.


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hello guys.,.
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i think it would be a good idea if steem or steem dollar is enabled so that one can easily buy this token with it


The last I heard, Poloniex accepts steem again and that can be traded for ETH, Which you put in your MyEtherWallet. Or just use bitcoin, It's always best to get tokens using a wallet and not an exchange though.

Lot of great ideas guys. Will follow this project closely!