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Uchain is building a blockchain for the worldwide sharing economy. In the sharing economy, organisations serve as escrow or middleman between clients and service suppliers. However, organisations will take fees from private providers, which makes the cost of the service high. information/data of users are also in danger of been exposed by these organisations as they can sell the user data as well.

This is the solution that Uchain is trying to solve. Uchain is trying to create a blockchain in which all the informations between the clients and suppliers are stored securely on the blockchain. This is one of the advantages that blockchain offers us. one of the features of blockchain is that, it eliminates the use of any intermediary in transactions.

UChain encourages the development/creation of dApps applications that uses a sharing-based economy. The platform will use a sole credit rating system and intend to build/create a decentralized exchange. UCN tokens would be utilized as the main currency within the ecosystem, which will likewise bolster the advancement of URC-1 standard tokens that empowers/aid auxiliary sharing economies.

Also, in the ecosystem, users can stake UCN in order to receive UCP as well. This is the incentive this gives its token holders as it enables the token holders to earn while holding the tokens. This is what we call, holders reward.

Visit the offiial website to get more details- https://uchain.world/


Uchain have a lot of partners as this is how you know a project that would be successful or not. Below are the list of partners that Uchain has

uchain patners.png

Their are other partners as well, they are Chuxin,Zhonglu Capital, Black Hole, Max Capital, V-Capital, Empower Investment, Badwater Capital, Light-up Capital, alacrity foundation, Ledger Capital. All these are big companies partnering with Uchain to achieve its goals.


This project has a lot of potential in this industry. The team members of this project are quite solid and highly experienced and the project ico sold out pretty quickly. This means that their are a lot of interest in this project as investors have shown huge interest. This project also have huge partnerships and this makes the project a real big player in this sector and the project also have huge client base. This shows that this a successful project as it has all it takes to succeed in the future. This is the reason why you should invest into this project when it comes on the exchange.


Uchain has a superstar team members that are vastly experienced in all the field needed for it to make success. some of the team members including the founders that are top CEO of U-BICYCLE( one of the largest sharing data based company). This team is experienced in data sharing business, marketing, blockchain technology and this project also has good advisors that are vastly experienced and that are willing to make this project a super success. This automatically makes this project a super success as this is an all round superstar team.

Below are the images of the TEAM AND THE ADVISORS

uchain main team members.png


uchain team.png

To get more information about the team. visit the website below to know more



This project has a well designed roadmap that would easily make this project a super success and would deliver good value to its investors. This is the reason why every investor should own some good amount of Uchain tokens. check below

uchains road map.jpg

Visit the details of this project below

Website- https://uchain.world/
Telegram- https://t.me/UchainEcosystem
Whitepaper- https://uchain.world/css/img/pdf/uchain-whitepaper-dbe5656d6c.pdf
Medium- https://medium.com/@uchain
Twitter- https://twitter.com/UChainEcosystem

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