A new cryptocurrency that has 348million users on day 1

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No, you didn't read wrongly nor was it a typo. Yes, it is 348 million unique users on smartphone. A new major cryptocurrency is about to be born.

which coin is this ?

Never heard of it ? yes the number is mind-boggling, staggering in fact even when compared to the 18 million Bitcoin wallets created to date. In fact the actual active Bitcoin users are much smaller in numbers. A research at Cambridge University recently estimated active Bitcoin users to be at a population of 5.3 million to 11million users.

NITRO is the coin in question. It is a cryptocurrency project that aims to solve ecosystem problems of the video games industry.

NITRO received a huge boost to its reach today with the announcement of its affiliated company, iCandy Interactive Limited reaching a binding agreement to acquire the entire games portfolio of leading mobile game company, Animoca Brands.

The addition of the Animoca Brands’ game portfolio of 318 mobile games to iCandy’s network will add 325 million unique smartphone gamers to iCandy’s existing 23 million. The combined portfolio will have a total of 348 million smartphone gamers spread across 330 game titles. iCandy has said that it will be available all its games to accept Nitro tokens.

What this means is that NITRO tokens will enjoy a ready audience of 348 million gamers worldwide, right from its launch. This is incredibly powerful audience that this could potentially pave the way for NITRO tokens to be one of the most used cryptocurrencies very quickly after its launch.

The video-games industry generates US$100 billion a year and Nitro aims to enable equitable participation for all parties in this economy. NITRO is the first cryptocurrency project in the world backed by a publicly listed company (independently verified by DealStreetAsia.com).

The NITRO token is soon going on pre-sale from 19th November 2017 owards at NITRO's website www.nitro.live . This is definitely a coin worth keeping an eye on.


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yes we should do some research on this one. it looks good. i am going to get some.


Have you done enough research ? We are very excited about the prospect of building this into potentially the most used cryptocurrency. The audience is ready. We are hoping to convert 25%-35% of that gamer community to use NOX right out of the door when we start accepting NOX on our games. Do the math in your research and tell me how many transactions we could be seeing in 5 years from now.
funny-man-playing-games (348) copy.jpg


So right now you guys are at $16.00 a Share in Australia?


A$0.16 a share, with approx. A$50 million marketcap

People who have been in crypto for a while are the same computer geeks that are in video games :) Upvote if you agree :)


Vitalik Buterin used to play WOW & LOL before


partly yes, but not all of them


finally video games are worth the time :)


They've been worth the time for a while now though. At least some of them...

E-sports tournaments have millions of dollars prizes, so yeah, it's worth the time. You just need to be really good at them.


nope.its all about hard work


The only games I have played apart from brain teasers, are Clash of Clans and Mafia Wars, never played a video game (don't get) but I get cryptocurrency


agreed !


Hi @vctragbor1,

I have been mining, lending, and investing in crypto for a while now, and I examine coin market cap religiously. It seems Nitro will have no more than 60 to 70 mill tokens in circulation, which normally would result in the price settling somewhere around $3 to $5. Anything less than that would project it as significantly undervalued and eventually get the price there as well. Since they already have institutional investors involved and will be utilizing the tokens within gaming platforms (similar to how Steemit uses sbd and and steem), you can suspect the price will be stable even if there was a massive sell-off on exchanges, due to all of the institutional money already locked in. It seems at the very least, those involved in this pre-sale and crowdsale would see anywhere from 300% to 350% gain immediately out the gate. The variable here however is iCandy Interactive's user base. Blockchain technology and gaming is like ice cream and cake; you know you should put them together but you haven't got around to it because each is awesome on its own as is, but whoever finally does solve this equation...

A good rule of thumb however when assessing the value of mobile apps and mobile games, even those that aren't monetized is to count each user as a potential $3 USD per year. That would give a Nitro a market cap well over $1 billion, before you even get into the nitro platform and marketplace for game development. This would put Nitro in the top ten of the Coin Market Cap list on day 1 and there isn't a single crypto in the top ten with a price below $15, except IOTA and NEM, but they have billions of coins in circulation.



dude this is some good shit. each blockchain industry has potential to capture a large audience. video games, virtual reality, gambling all practically work in synergy on the blockchain. can even throw in some bots there too. what a time to be alive! #moon #tesla #nitro


Great analysis.


thank you, I agree :) this is about usage, actually it has always been about usage. Video games is perfect for cryptocurrency. Game makers have been wanting an efficient and cost-effective global payment platform, and trustless would make it much easier to adopt across borders and culture


What about Amazon


fuck amazon. All they care about is retrenching people with technology and creating more of a monopoly


now this is the type of reply I like 👍🏻




And what do you think?

cryptocurrency that has 348million users on day 1@@@ so much?


Thats the number of smartphone users iCandy, our affliate has on its game network. Hopefully we can convert 25-35% of those gamers to use NITRO tokens almost right of the door. That will still be a lot of users


sounds good


That does sound very good. I wish I could've come up with that concept. It's pure genius.

that is so much.... how did they advertise that? are they hyping investors?


its not hype . its a fact. iCandy is a publicly traded company on the ASX. Read our announcement on our official webstie www.icandy.io and also the Australian Securities Exchange website too if you like :)

Hi @kinwai,

I agree with you. This could be big.

Good post,


thank you - we are focus on designing a cryptocurrency that drives usage and solves industry problem. NITRO is the genesis of all these. We are excited !

wow that is very interesting of what they are doing. I have thought the only reason a coin increase in value is do to more participants investing into it. However by having the reverse I wonder how that will work. Definitely keeping an eye on.

este mundo es cada vez mas impresionante

I don't think that there is a future for games in smartphones in general.


Hello @kornipeterson,

Where there is a democratized global economy for games, there will always be a vast majority who access that economy through the most cost effective method possible. Currently, that is through mobile devices.

You have to remember the reason why Bitcoin is increasing in value is because the first wave of adopters know that not everyone has the same resources or benefits, but eventually people will be able to perform cryptocurrency transactions on a Nokia 1100, which is still the most commonly used phone in the world (220 million users to be exact).

Smart phones in the "future" will be the Nokia 1100 of today. And don't forget about VR and augmented reality casual gaming that can be integrated within the day to day routine using smart phones.


contrary to your belief, this is the fastest growing sector of phone. All other sectors outside of smartphone games are facing challenging time in fact. I have been involved in game studios for more than a decade, trust me - I know a few things about the game industry

Great take over a billion !

This will revolutionize the gaming industry! And backed by a public traded company! I'm in!

@kinwai I'm calling this hyping the truth. Will be reading more about it. Best wishes to everyone :)

Would appreciate a disclosure statement within this post. On the Nitro website (url in the article but not linked) the team includes Kin-Wai Lau, Director. And author of this post.

Like the post, the web site has plenty of generic descriptions, along with some ICO related information. Within the whitepaper was able to confirm the Nitro NOX token is ERC20, Ethereum based token.

The idea for Nitro has a very interesting potential. There is a shortage of information about the implementation details. They need a good implementation with follow through execution for this to be a long term success.

Good luck to Nitro, but I will be in the 'wait and see', watching to see if the execution can meet the objectives.

and then what? the early miner will mine a lot due to low difficult at beginning stage and then investors will look a way to dump the coins they purchased during ICO

The statement "A new cryptocurrency that has 348million users on day 1" should be "A new cryptocurrency that has 348million potential users on day 1".
Users first have to participate before you can count them as users. But, nevertheless interesting post :smirk:


@awcurio Wow. Whoever the lawyer is that allowed iCandy Interactive, it's current 20 million active users, corporate sponsors, and stakeholders, to be locked into an acquisition deal with Animoca where Animoca gained access to Nitro's blockchain tech, access to the blockchain platforms and development resources and all they had to promise in return was "potential users" ...SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

I will watch this coin Nitro Token, has a projection with a high number of users.

Uh, this isn't it getting 348 million unique users, this is 348 million unique users of a company on which the coin will be promoted's apps.



Great username by the way. So long as you know the astronomical difference between the words "promoted" and "integrated" and you understand the players involved, then you understand the real impact of what is happening here. How much you want to bet this company is in the top 25 on Coin Market cap within the next 12 months?

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I don't know about other people, but I really really hate when people promoting an ICO talk about the POTENTIAL reach as the ACTUAL user base.

"No, you didn't read wrongly nor was it a typo. Yes, it is 348 million unique users on smartphone. "

That is like saying "7 Billion People at Launch of ICO involved" ... ***7 Billion people on the planet, so that is the potential number of people that COULD use the product...

Yes, I understand that this COULD be the next best ICO for the Video Gaming industry, something I am really passionate about, but by saying it in the way you are, it turns me off right away. Feels slimy and like someone is trying to pull wool over my head.

I will definitely look more into it as I invested in a couple of the Game Industry ICO's, but talking about it like this just makes me shake my head.



The only problem with seeing it that way, is that you have to acknowledge this is a message by the CEO directly after signing a deal with the other company they acquired (and there is no telling what the terms are in that agreement). The other important bit of information that doesn't come across in his post is that iCandy Interactive already has 20 million active users of their own on the games they developed in house and control. So when Common Sense sees a company with 300 Mill users get acquired by a company with 20 Mill users, two days before they launch their blockchain platform, and after they had been doing business successfully separately for so long, when Common Sense sees this, Common Sense can deduce the reason why and the word COULD and POTENTIAL probably fall pretty short of whatever the deal is that just got made here. I think ACTUAL is more FACTUAL.

Is this coin proof of work, proof of stake or hybrid of the two?


Please explain the difference? New to Steemit.


It all has to do with how new coins are generated and how transactions are verified. Proof of work has miners solving increasingly difficult math problems and verified transactions through this process. The first miner to complete the block gets the coins for that work issued to them and the block is added to the block chain.

Proof of Stake has basically people who hold the currency getting the new coins issued to them based on the amount of coins they have.

This is much like electroneum.

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I actually just wrote a post about another cryptocurrency that I feel like bridges a huge gap for video gamers, too. The ICO just started its Main Sale the other day and the token is called WAX.

You should check out the coin if this information excited you.


yes, looks interesting

This is the future of the gaming industry. altcoin has already began to show up in the egaming scene and will only grow larger.



Was more impressed by the serious accomplishments of yourself and your team mates, your linked-in public identities, than by your playboy bunnies. There are folks that don't need to be sold'. We know a great product when we see one, and a dream that can really come true, no matter who is selling' it, but do realize that it is not the norm. Knew you were success oriented achievers, doers, after one hour of research. First ico for me. I've been buying after they go live. Can tell you are taking action to fulfill your lives and share your dream and consciousness with others. Not just in it for the money. That is why you will succeed. Think this one is a `keeper.' You can do this. Not sure about that fin-tech BB thing. Seems a bit centralized and Wall-Streeter for me, but have more looking into that for later. :)

is this really for real? for gamers only? Will this worth an investment?


not just for gamers, but for everyone who wants to get a piece of that US$100 billion a year game industry :)


i would love to get a chunk of that money.. lol... i would like to know more too..

iNTRO pIC-01.jpg

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Thanks for sharing this.

I geez not another one..I mean how many are these Digital currency keep on growing ....

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I’m curious to see how this pans out. A lot of companies are making pushes in the mobile gaming space (Vainglory/Lineage 2) so it will be interesting to see how that can tie into crypto. Time will tell.

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No matter this will makes crypto comes alive...

this is a big response for gamers to the world who said we waste our time in video games :D lol

So 1 day left of NITRO ICO selling, am i right? Very excited but need some more reseach before join.

Cryptocurrency coin is more secure and safe by Online gateway

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Give me any idea,,,,about this?

Great information, I never heard about this. It's an eye opener.

I gotta research this

this is some sensible shit. every blockchain business has potential to capture an outsized audience. video games, computer game, gambling all much add activity on the blockchain. will even give some bots there too. what a time to be alive!

Seems promising...

So many ICO's!! Gonna take a look at this one

Nitro sounds like a very good idea and a solid investment. I have first hand experience with gamers. My brother-in-law is an avid gamer and actually spent a few thousand dollars on a gaming laptop just to play online games. I also witnessed two gaming conventions in San Francisco that produced loads of money for the city. Gamers are big business and anyone will definitely benefit from getting into Nitro early especially if it lives up to its purpose. Just to let you know there is another ICO that sounds like a good idea called Avatarcoin. They are being used for internet marketing payment systems. Can't wait. I invested in that one as well and will do the same with Nitro.

A lot of good news, keep in mind that it does not have any bad effects, go ahead

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i just came straight to the comments

Nitro has a lot of potential but communication will be the key to develop it. So many people don't understand yet how important cryptocurrencies are so the challenge is to convince the average gamer, the gaming companies and the investors. Exited to see what will happen!

ico here ico there
2da left 2da right
we don't need so many different icos or i'm wrong?

  • just 4da controversal


Very nice

Saying that Nitro as a cryptocurrency has 348M users is misleading and not true.

The companies behind the technology of Nitro and its cryptocurrency has a reach of 348M users.

Meaning that there are 348M players in the gaming marketplace NOT COIN OWNERS.

These players are coming from different games such as Garfield, Astroboy or Thor.

Meaning that they don't necessarily own any coin or even know about Nitro.

Pay attention before buying and do your own research.
Headlines can be misleading and building hype at a dangerous cost.

this is cool

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I'm going to check it out and see how I feel about this for sure.

Really that many users on 1 day? Can't believe that though.

hey how can i mine it???

This ICO end in one day only and they have sold only a 2/3 of their goal so far. Not really very successfull. And they wish later on to raise up to 38000 ETH. It will not be that easy as per the result they have archieved.
1 ETH = 800 token isn't a little expensive?
I will personally wait them to go live and will see. The chance that the price will inmediatly drop down is realistic.

I will surely be a partaker coz am already into gaming @kinwai

Did I read the image correct that NITRO has the "potential" to reach 438M customers at launch - not that it has that many definite customers at launch..

Launch day Id be really surprised if they had 10,000 customers at the very best..

Over time can they reach the 1 million mark sure...

Can they reach the 300 million mark of active users/subscribers in 5 years.. not a chance in hell

Only my amatuer opinion tho friend


Hello @Krytonika,

This is a publicly traded company bro, with serious investors that have been involved for years already on board through the iCandy end. https://nitro.live/ So I think, your estimate falls significantly short.

iCandy Interactive has had 20 million users of the hundreds, if not thousands of the games they create themselves forever now. The company is a pretty big deal in Asia, but then again, I am just an American investor who keeps an eye on Asian and Australian markets, but if you own any one of the top mobile devices right now, a simple scroll through the app store with some attention to detail and you could see this company has been buzzing for a while. The real question you have to ask yourself is why would a company like Animoca allow the rights to their content be acquired TWO DAYS before iCandy's ICO, if not to have them put on the blockchain? It seems to me like outside of that, there is really no reason for the two companies to make this type of move, they would both be better off continuing with business as usual. Why form Vultron? Why? Unless to corner the entire Asian, UK, and Australian market when it comes in App crypto payments, remittances through gaming, game development crowdfunding etc...

Here is iCandy Interactive CEO Kin Wai Lau,
@kinwai, talking about the Nitro NOX Token on CNBC


NITRO is supported by ASX-listed iCandy , which has an existing audience of 348m smartphone gamers. Notice it is EXISTING gamers. iCandy will convert all its gamers to be ready to accept NOX. There is a potential audience of 348m users ready to look at using NOX to engage with games published by NITRO/iCandy . This are all facts :)


Nitro have made a great achievement so now its just time.

After-all the BlockChain business is getting bigger so this is no surprise: http://bitcoin.zohosites.eu