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What is DMST?

  • Decentralized Mindset Institute is a major disruption of a $325 billion dollar industry of online courses & the 1st state of the art Decentralized online courses running on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralized Mindset Institute aims to disrupt the online course industry by lowering the resistance in payments utilizing a peer to peer POS standard token
  • The Decentralized Mindset Institute has contributed 100% the first year of proof of stake . This will keep the stake pool growing at a rapid rate and encourage more users to stake the DMST Tokens for the staking rewards. Our intentions is to continue to increase the staking pool therefore students who have taken courses will also have the opportunity to earn while they also learn.
  • (DMST) tokens will be utilized in the Decentralized Mindset Institute. The (DMST) token is a ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. The Decentralized Mindset Institute will also have its own DAPP with (POS) Proof of Stake with the ability to stake 10 coins. All students will have a wallet stake to our coin. The DAPP will also feature a messenger function. The DAPP will be a BTC/Eth ERC-20 wallet with POS Proof of stake with ability to stake 10 coins and messenger capabilities and constant access to the classes & Courses. The Decentralised mindset Institute will have a voting algorithm in order to rate accreditation of the courses. Users with the largest amount of tokens staked in the proof of stake will have to most impact in voting algorithms, basically the more (DMST) you have that your staking the more influence your vote will have in the decentralized mindset institute in the process of rating courses & accreditation. The Decentralized Mindset Institute actually pays its students to learn from a sophisticated software into the students internal wallet.


  • Decentralized Mindset Institute is the 1st state of the art Decentralized online courses run on the Ethereum blockchain. The first courses will be provided by the Decentralized mindset team which will be cryptocurrency courses, Money courses, also courses on Global economics, courses on the history of money the history of the federal reserve the history of central banks. The second phase of the Decentralized Mindset Platform will be for users to create any course of any subject and sale their courses on the Decentralized mindset platform using the DMST token . The benefit of the DMST platform is the providers of courses will not need to collect payments from trusted 3rd party banks or credit card companies. They will deal peer to peer directly with their clients in a decentralized system using a decentralized token and payment system (DMST Token). Users will also share in the revenue generated by the company through a (POS) Proof of Stake algorithm. Students will not only receive the best Decentralized Knowledge in this industry but they will be trained in a masterful Decentralized mindset which will transform there entire world.
  • The Decentralized Mindset Institute actually pays its students to learn from a sophisticated software into the students internal wallet with bitcoins, ethereums, litecoins.

Why DMST Token?

  • Mobile App: You can manage everything with the DMST mobile app. Anyone with our DAPP a smartphone, & Internet connection, can either purchase or manage our courses anywhere in the world.
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: DMST token is a ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum Blockchain and built on the POS token standard.
  • Global System: Global system covering any and all aspects of online education and/or informational courses.
  • Secure Platform: Providing a decentralized network on the blockchain with no centralized server which prevents students and course providers from hackers.
  • No 3rd Party Hassles: Students and Providers of courses will not need banks or credit card companies or so called trusted 3rd parties to process payments.
  • Multycurrentcy Wallet: All students will have a wallet to stake our token and 10 additional crypto currencies.

Crowdsale open!

Decentralized Mindset Token

  • Name: Decentralized Mindset Token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol:DMST
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • General release: 150,000,000 DMST
  • Contract: 0xced8be08a2b5d2cba4e4c0b51e8d173f9568eace
  • Decimal: 18


  • Rafael Suero: CEO
  • Abdul Cader: Smart Contract Developer
  • David Lyons: CTO
  • Shankar Masilamani: Programmer Analyst
  • Chehara Meeks: CMO
  • Sasi Kumar: Project Manager
  • Le Queshia Bell: Research and Development
  • Ellis Vernon: Operations Coordinator
  • Kazi Sajib: Bounty Manager


More Information

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