MYSHIELD - The Innovative Decentralization Platform Against Fraud

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Things that you will not like about the MyShield Decentralized Anti-Scam Platform and the things you will be layered protection, including encryption along with decentralization, which ensures that users do not need to worry about data theft. When the user makes a report, they will be asked to transfer the bet by paying the MyShield token. They will have the opportunity to choose a guarantee program from different suppliers. The fraud reporting feature of MyShield will be an important aspect of implementing a decentralized anti-fraud ecosystem. He is well equipped in the field of Internet technologies and software and has more than 19 years of experience behind his back.

MyShield customers understand the prior notification in the light of AI, although there are no human stories, CEO Yoav Keren told me. Regardless of whether you are doing an online company or just surfing the Internet, you will be completely safe from fraud. At the same time, you should understand that only when the supplier has the ability to consistently expand security levels, they will be able to continue working. It is not only to embrace the vision of its institution but especially for the safety of its stakeholders. The organization really encourages protection for every brand that exists today. This is by far the most practical method for saving your investment.

get a brief introduction about MyShield

The hidden truth on the decentralized anti-fraud platform MyShield

MyShield is trying to provide online transactions. MyShield will use the default cryptocurrency, known as the MyShield token. So, MyShield has something to provide you with as long as you invest in this platform. Ultimately, MyShield wants to protect the entire ecosystem of e-commerce from fraud. MyShield plans to provide additional extended warranty programs and allow several guarantee providers to participate in the ecosystem. Confirmation of crypto processing MyShield will perform the verification procedure, which corresponds to the number of the wallet and the site.

How to choose a decentralized anti-fraud platform MyShield

With the use of blockchain technology, the end of transactions will be completely safe. When transaction conclusions are safe enough, it will be less difficult for enterprises to deliver goods in addition to customer services. And it's terribly awful! It represents a major shift in the field of data privacy management for about 20 decades. There is no demand for additional explanations why you should invest in MyShield. In the past few years, online scammers have been rapidly developing, cyber attacks occur every day, in different directions, this can affect each of us. However, with the help of this platform, this can be a thing of the past.

The procedure for verifying the transaction will be performed by the application, depending on the blockchain. The system that they developed to achieve this goal is a computer system of intellectual intelligence. The whole system is equipped with BrandShield - the best technology used by numerous leading companies. It is aimed at solving the problem of the existing centralized identification system, which costs billions of dollars per year for individuals and businesses.

Myshield will incentivize the community through bounties to individuals, organizations and clients with an aim of boosting scam awareness through active reporting of potential scam and fraudulent movements on the internet.

Though the power of artificial intelligence the platform will use algorithms that will create a database of scam reports allowing the database to be stored in a distributed ledger that promotes transparency, the platform use of its own brandShield will alert potential victims through reports and alerts breaking the scam process and online threats.


The internet is one of the methods used by fraudsters to scam victims, they use methods such as phishing and misrepresentation of information to delude their victims. With the growth of the use of internet online scams have doubled each year with reports of victims losing millions of dollars on the internet to fraudsters.

The growth of financial Technolgies such as cryptocurrencies that is about to take the financial industry to the digital age is one of the new victims and favored method of scamming victims. Tis is due to the naivetés of investors entering the cryptocurrency industry through initial coin offering with reports indicating online scams in the cryptocurrency market are approximately $1.5 million every month.


MyShield platform wants to detect all the scam,frauds,phising sites and every kinds of malicious problem to make people relaxed and sures crypto growth.MyShield platform wants to make eveyone confident about their investment and transactions.

MY SHIELD platform has add some to make my shield strong and make people confident.

1.MyShield application

MyShield blockchain

AI powered cyber Intelligence providers

Enforcement services providers

Guarantee providers

5.MyShield bounties and

MyShield trust stamp.

My sheid is a ecosystem what ensures that it users are not a victim of any kinds of scam,fraud or phising site and any kinds of malicious activities so users can do transactions and investment with confidence.

MYSheild platform creats a token.MyShield token is a digital currency that will be used on the MyShield platform.and rewared at those sector given below:

Token Allocation:

Token offered for the public - 40%

Fund for future operations -30%

Founders, team and shareholders -20%

Guarantee fund -5%

Reporting bounty -4.5%

Campaign bounty0.5%

Tokens Funds Raised:

1.User acquisition and marketing promotions-30%

2.R&D- 30%

3.G&A -25%

4.Sales -15%

MY SHIELD team and advisor has committed to act

towards bringing the MyShield ecosystem of confidence on time to market.

Overall my sell is working very good and hard to make crypto network scam,fraud,malicious activities free and get well response by online crypto users.i think everyone should invest and support Myshield to their mission.



MyShield token is a digital currency that will be used on the MyShield platform. There are a billion MyShield tokens available and there will be no inflations or additional creations of MyShield tokens.


MyShield Token Model is composed of various parts, all merging together to bring a powerful and disruptive tool against online scams.


Users interested to report scams and be rewarded from the bounty will be required to deposit tokens. If they are found right, the tokens will be returned in addition to their share of the bounty.


Intended to incentivize user to report scam, bounties will be created by MyShield, by companies and by users.


a basic level of guarantee and ability to gain bounties when correctly discovering online scams.


On top of the basic guarantee provided in a Premium subscription, users can purchase guarantee programs for transactions.

MyShield Trust Seal and MyShield Trusted Wallet Seal : Companies can purchase this with MyShield tokens, 50% of tokens are paid to the validation officers of the seal.

MyShield will be issuing a finite amount of a billion MyShield tokens. There will be no inflations or additional issuances of MyShield tokens.


Token offered for the public : 400,000,000 - 40%

Fund for future operations : 300,000,000 - 30%

Founders, team and shareholders : 200,000,000 - 20%

Guarantee fund : 50,000,000 - 5%

Reporting bounty : 45,000,000 - 4.5%

Campaign bounty : 5,000,000 - 0.5%

Total : 1,000,000,000 - 100%


Subject | % from net funds raised

User acquisition and marketing promotions | 30%

R&D | 30%

G&A | 25%

Sales | 15%

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