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Blockchain technology is a revolution in the history of mankind. Blockchain is an incorruptible distributed ledger technology which is programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Blockchain technology backed cryptocurrencies are the future of financial transactions. Blockchain has enormous opportunity in banking and financial industry. Use of Cryptocurrency for financial transaction makes it fast, secure and reliable with less fee. Smart contracts provide automatic transaction between the person's under smart agreement. Even though the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are superior, but still their is no practical use of it. The price of cryptocurrency is so volatile that many people fear to enter into the market. Since there is no regulation on the crypto assets, many institutions are not yet entered into the market. Convertion of crypto into fiat is very difficult.

Present financial institutions has lack of transparency. The banking community never disclose how they make profit from the people's deposited money. Because of this many people will not use the traditional banking systems. To provide solution to these problems Neluns uses latest technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Neluns is a decentralized blockchain powered financial ecosystem which serves as a bank, an exchange and an insurance company. Neluns bank operates with crypto and fiat currencies.

The Neluns ecosystem has got approvals from SEC, CFTC and with many other regulatory institutions.

Benefits of Neluns :

• Users can buy, sell and trade with crypto assets

• Users can deposit and withdraw funds from anywhere around the world with Neluns debit cards

• Users will get intrest on stored crypto and fiat funds in Neluns platform

• Users can make peer to peer lending

• Instantly send and receive funds internationally

• Users will receive dividends

• Users will receive loans in fiat and cryptocurrency

• Neluns provide security to our crypto and fiat currency

Neluns bank is a licenced bank under regulatory authority. Neluns bank provides all the services like a traditional bank on the blockchain technology. Neluns bank provide crypto to fiat conversion, deposits and withdrawals in fiat and cryptocurrency. With the use of debit card, users can withdraw funds and can pay at stores. With Neluns Android and iOS applications users can make peer to peer lending.

Neluns exchange works on the Bank Guarantee principle. Neluns exchange is a single place for users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Neluns exchange provides millions of transactions per minute. Traders can use Neluns API on other services like Fusion, Takion ,Rox , Metastocks etc. Neluns exchange provides security to our Crypto assets. With smart contracts transactions will execute automatically.

Neluns Insurance :

Neluns provides insurance for crypto trading. Users can do risky trading with Neluns insurance cover. Neluns is the only project which provides insurance for crypto trading. Neluns Exchange will revolutionize the insurance sector. Neluns will also provides insurance for crypto transactions.

• Why to choose Neluns ?

Neluns cutting edge technology will revolutionize the way we do banking and trading. Neluns serves as bank, which provides services in cryptocurrency and in fiat currency. With Neluns debit card users can seamlessly withdraw and pay for many services easily. Neluns exchange is a one stop solution to buy, sell and trade with cryptocurrencies. Neluns provides insurance to risky crypto trading and for crypto transactions. Neluns bank is licenced with top regulatory authorities. Which is again provides a highest level of trust and security.

The Neluns team's vision focuses on building new financial ecosystems that will have the functions of banks, insurance companies and currency exchanges. All of these modules will be seamlessly integrated and will support transactions with crypto money or fiat money that brings the user experience to the next level. Because all three modules belong to the Neluns team, it will be possible to maintain competitive costs compared to classic settings where all the different owner-owned entities generate overhead costs for clients.

NELUNS Insurance

Investments in Neluns are protected from price changes on the volatile cryptocurrency market

NLS tokenholder will receive 50% of profit dividends quarterly

A real world financial institute as a base. A bank with an official license

Official notification of SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) about the start of ICO

A cryptocurrency exchange, licensed by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and by the CFTC (U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

A unique trade and transaction insurance system

By the law, Neluns is not required to issue 1099 tax disclosure forms, which report on various manners of alternative or miscellaneous income.

With the appearance of Neluns will help in:

increased interest in crypto assets for investment objects.

the growing use of cryptocurrency for payment materials.

increase the trader cryptocurrency.

The process of Entry of new capital into cryptomarket.

Offers Neluns to users of many traditional banking services, its purpose as a fire extinguisher financial needs through personal and corporate objectives. While at that time, manufacture operations that have been provided with paper currency and cryptocurrency. IBAN Multicurrency Account and also the wallet will make it easier for clients who aim to perform exchange operations just a few clicks.

the guardian of the principle of "Bank Guarantee" allows the creation of new qualities trading cryptocurrency. The combination of these principles is innovative technology makes the best conditions for traders and funds cryptocurrency.

The Neluns mobile app for iOS and Android creates banking and commerce operations can be accessed at any time around the world.

The app for iOS and Android makes it easy for transfers, onsite operations, acceptance and lending in fiat and cryptocurrency (p2p-crediting) is two just click. This iOS and Android app can make it easy for you to work on all existing trading operations within the Neluns ecosystem: please buy and sell cryptocurrency on Neluns Exchange enough one click only, please make interest can receive deposit in Neluns Bank, please accept loan through Neluns Bank, giving or receiving loan on P2P platform, doing transaction worldwide enough with a matter of seconds. Here is a video about the iOS and Android app performance.

ICO Detalis

The ICO will be divided into three phases. They are: the Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO, ICO.

ICO stages (rounds)


The first phase will run from the 1st of August to the 15th of August lasting for 14 days. The Hard Cap is $2.000.000 while the Soft Cap is $500.000 There’s a standard 30% bonus and an extra-bonus of 40% and 50% on an investment of 1 ETH or 10 ETH in one transaction.


The pre-ICO which is the second phase will run from the 15th of August to the 05th of September lasting for 21 days. The hard Cap is $10.000.000 while the soft Cap is $2.000.000. There’s a standard 20% bonus and an extra-bonus of 30% and 35% on an investment of 1 ETH or 10 ETH in one transaction.


The third phase, the ICO, will run from the 05th of September to 05th of October and will last for 31 days. The hard Cap is $112.000.000 while the soft Cap is $10.000.000. There’s a standard 10% bonus and an extra-bonus of 20% and 25% on an investment of 1 ETH or 10 ETH in one transaction.

What is the NLS token?

The NLS token is a security token, profits of the Neluns ecosystem are quarterly distributed to NLS token holders in proportion to the quantity of tokens held. NLS token holders will receive 50% profits.

NLS token distributions

During the ICO, 200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released

Base price of 1 NLS token = 1 USD

Token name NLS

Platform Ethereum

Standard ERC-20

Token amount 200 000 000 NLS

Hard Cap 112 000 000 USD

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