Konio's Project (PreICO) The Konios Platform - From Cash to Crypto Currency

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Crypto currency is the new cool thing in this digital world, while those who do not use the same are considered a bit slow in this industry. The question is why people are so crazy about this virtual currency. It is easy to use, safe and secure and is accepted worldwide. What about the money in your pocket? Can it be converted to the same cryptocurrency or is there a decentralized platform for it?

The Konios platform provides the safest exchange platform for cash and cryptocurrencies worldwide. Our solution for local and digital exchange of all FIAT and CRYPTO currencies with all is unique. The worldwide uniform exchange principle is decentralized and secured by the Konios Blockchain

The Konios Platform offers newcomers access to the crypto world without having to register or possess knowledge of trading platforms. It's easy to use and anyone can come into play quickly and safely! Likewise, it is easy for crypto owners to pay for any cryptocurrency they own!

Properties of Konios
Secured F2F exchange platform.
A market place to buy or sell things with cash or cryptocurrency
A simplified trading platform
Statistics from all paradigms.
Reports related to geographic location will also be sent, making it easier to trade
Secured transactions
Smart contracts
An e-wallet that manages all transactions.
How does it work?
It actually works in three phases -

The first phase - it serves as a platform for the exchange of cash or cryptocurrency among each other and vice versa. It's fast, safe and secure and you can exchange the currency with a single touch of a button.
The second phase - It is a marketplace for the purchase and sale of goods by cryptocurrency without any restrictions in the market. It is easy to buy and sell products from the marketplace. You can sell what you want anonymously, it's that easy. Take a picture, put a prize in crypto or fiat money, post it on the platform and Konios does the rest.
Third Phase - You will also be paid for your services as recruiters can post what kind of service you want and you will be updated while you are paid for the service provided. No scams at all. Quite real work.
Why choose Konios?
Lawful business activities and transparency for partners.
Unique and decentralized
Personal transfer.
No user verification for small amounts
A dedicated team of strong partners worldwide
Smart contracts, a marketplace and many customers.
Ico details
Zeichen KON
Preis PREICO 1 KON = 0.005 USD
Preis 1 KON = 0,01 USD
Bonus Verfügbar
Kopfgeld Verfügbar
Plattform Äther
Akzeptieren ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimale Investition 10 USD
Harte Kappe 29'000'000
Land Schweiz
Weiße Liste / KYC KYC & Whitelist
Sperrgebiete USA

The team's mission is to provide the world's easiest access to the crypto community, and the team is committed to bringing crypto to daily use and anywhere else. The decentralized platform has a positive effect on the traders and investors. The problems that arise from buying or selling cryptocurrencies are now completely eliminated by the platform, as they have the vision to make the world of cryptocurrency safer and more accessible to all in the future.

The problems associated with buying and selling products and exchanging cryptocurrencies are overcome by the platform because the solutions provided by the team are dynamic and practical while being implemented on the platform itself.

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