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The Konios platform offers the safest exchange platform for cash and secrets worldwide. Our solution to exchange all FIAT and CRYPTO currencies locally and digitally with everyone is unique. The principle of global integrated exchange is protected by decentralization by Konios Blockchain.

Worldwide, cash is $ 7.7 trillion in circulation. With the Konios platform we will fill the crypto world!
The Konios platform makes it easy for new entrants to enter the world of secrecy without having to register or understand the Trading Platform. Easy to use and everyone can enter the game quickly and safely! The same easy way for crypto holders to pay for crypto currencies whatever they have!

KONIOS is a futuristic exchange platform for FIAT and Cryptocurrency (SWISS) currencies based in SWISS with the aim of providing a high level of security and solutions for local and digital exchanges. Not only that, with KONIOS beginners do not need to register or have a Knowledge of the Trading Platform, because KONIOS gives you the ease of operating it quickly and safely. Yes, in practical terms KONIOS aims to provide the most accessible community in the world for cryptocurrency and regardless of age or ethnicity. The KONIOS group works tirelessly starting in 2017 to develop a simple and safe exchange platform as a solution for future exchanges.
"And in 2018, it's time for the world to know what CONIOS is!"

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"What features are provided by KONIOS?"
Maybe here I will discuss it in series in a short and clear manner. I hope you understand what I explain ☺
F2F platform
Secure and anonymous cash transactions for secret currencies. (cash / crypto). With this security, all beginners and professionals will be very comfortable with investing in KONIOS.
Offer Digital or Crypto Currency Swap to Crypto or Crypto to FIAT which is good for beginners and professionals. Marketon
KONIOS also provides an easy market for traders to monitor prices so that they can buy and sell goods and services that are traded in cash and in electronic currencies at the right times and conditions (Products, Services / Money, Crypto)
Trading CONIOS
with the KONIOS Platform This simple provides an integrated analysis tool that displays the desired parameters in a diagram. So that beginners can have a picture of future market conditions, and make it easier for them to sell their cryptocurrency. Not only will there be news the new COINS are updated and users can customize their wishes. KONIOS Statistics data

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With the availability of the Konches Blockchain, anonymous data from the crypto domain is provided for empirical analysis. Users can analyze it themselves. Anonymous Activities
Starting with F2F, Exchange, Marketplace, and Trade will be offered.
Location information
Anonymous locations will also be available to create new and safe markets. Not only all data from Konios and Konios Transaction Platform will be available to users of free settings such as Excel APIs and downloads.
KONIOS Blockchain
Translation will be confirmed in an integrated platform with Konios Blockchain.
Smart contract
Transaction processing, whether F2F, Exchange, Marketplace or Trading, is anonymous through internal intelligence contracts and distributed.
Wallet The wallet is used both on the platform and outside to connect or use a cellphone.

"How can I contribute to this project?"
Yes, you can contribute by joining the KONIOS ICO program starting May 1, 2018 or you can join the White List now and get other interesting offers ☺ For more information, you see the official website now
ICO INFORMATION Starting May 1 2018 (60 days)
Symbol Symbol: KON
Price 1 KON = $ 0.01
Total Supply: 5,000,000 KON

Payment methods: Swallow to Wallet, interbank transfers
Foreign currencies received: Bitcoin, Ethereum, EURO, USD, CHF, RMB, GBP, KRW

  • Visit https://konios.com/ or you can read the whitepaper at https: / /konios.com/#whitepaper-sec.

With the KONIOS Platform, you can easily exchange anonymous, fast, risk-free items. KONIOS also facilitates users in making fast money without hassle. So prepare yourself from now on to welcome the KONIOS Platform and Earn More Income for Your Business Now and for the Future "


Website: https://konios.com/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/konios .social /

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial

Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial

White Paper: https://konios.com/#whitepaper-sec


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