Konios Platform: The most Safe and secure exchange platform for cryptocurrencies

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Konios Platform has been very popular lately because of many people like what the platform offers. It offers the safe and secure exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies worldwide.
Regardless of whether you are dependent upon FIAT or Cryptocurrencies, you can make utilization of this stage to your cash arrangement. Since it maintains the adaptability in monetary standards trade, you will have the capacity to do it both locally and carefully. Utilizing the Konios decentralized stage, you can rest guaranteed to make the uniform trade whenever, anyplace you need.
Konios stage has the desire to top off the crypto world. Konios stage likewise has more extensive members since it is ideal first off or newcomers who have restricted information of exchanging stages. The clients will have a similar opportunity to join with the steady group and make the benefit from the trade exercises obliged by the stage.

Konios was made by a twosome created by Patrik Krasnic (CEO) and Mikel Krasniqi (CTO). The pair blends the capacity of online business by Krasnic and the advancement capacities of Krasniqi. With a group of around 10 different experts and four guides.

As expressed previously, the objective of Konios is to make simple answers for individuals who need to put resources into digital forms of money. Its stage will offer a simple method to purchase and offer crypto and money out at whatever point you need. The organization trusts that limitations and directions are terrible for the blockchain showcase since they will keep the business away from developing, so the arrangement is deregulation.

Konios will be an Ethereum based stage. This suggests it will be filled by the Ethereum blockchain and use splendid contracts for the trades.

The Konios arrange offers the most secure exchange organize for cash and cryptographic types of cash far and wide. Our response for locally and painstakingly exchanging all FIAT and CRYPTO financial gauges with everyone is unique. The generally uniform exchange control is decentrally secured by the Konios Blockchain. Around the globe, $ 7.7 trillion in exchange is out stream. With the Konios arrange we will finish off the crypto world! The Konios Platform lays the course for newcomers to go into the crypto world without the need to select or learning of Trading Platforms. It is definitely not hard to use and everyone can get in the redirection brisk and safe! A comparable way it is basic for crypto holders to cash out any advanced cash they have!

About Konios Project

We should need to thank you for putting aside the chance to think about the Konios whitepaper. Our principle objective is to give the world's most easy access to the crypto gathering. There is at show the probability to get computerized monetary forms in exchanges with Fiat money (standard cash, for instance, Euro, US Dollar or Yen) by bank trade or charge card by methods for various online stages. Coincidentally, various people disregard to get an a trustworthy adjust in the crypto gathering. The required exposure of individual data, and furthermore the persistent treatment of stages with dreary enlistments and the whimsies of stage chairmen, give laymen major and obnoxious troubles. Despite these disturbing conditions, there are routinely high covered costs and a crucial support between the specific banks and states. The introduction is routinely delineated more essentially than it really is in the certified execution. The Konios wander puts a conclusion to each one of these issues.

Since November 2017, we have been making and programming a phase for all crypto enthusiasts worldwide to engage them to enter the crypto world with cash. Basic access to the Konios arrange requires only a PDA and an Internet affiliation. The trade is finished in perspective of an exchange rule made in Switzerland, without the use of a bank or distinctive go-betweens. The exchange occurs very close (F2F) with another customer of the stage. The trade method is completely sorted out and is obligated to the most important security controls. It is created by the five security keys and the individuals make the exchange with only four ticks on their PDAs.

In rder to keep the trades secure and the charges low, the claim blockchain, which favors and enrolls all trades and activities locally inside the stage, is sketched out. It fills in as a purpose behind the usage of every advanced cash without paying the different chain costs. The Smart Contracts screens and checks the trades and all methods inside the stage. Dynamic customers of the stage will benefit by our reward system. This in like manner fabricates the security of the stage and sponsorships the general affirmation of the exchange strategy. After each trade, evaluations are given by the exchange associates. The appraisals give a comprehension into the master direct of the exchange associate. The reward and discipline parameters set away in the Smart-Contract sort wrong lead and reward the customers for their positive duty.

How to Use Konios?

At the present time, you can't use Konios in light of the way that the stage is so far not operational, but instead it will be in the midst of 2018 (on Alpha and Beta stage). The tokens of the association, KON tokens, will be essential for you to get to the organizations. You can get them on the arrangement or in airdrops.

The Konios ICO will start on May 1 and it will latest 60 days. 1 KON token will be relative to $0,01 USD. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, RMB and KRW to pay by methods for wallet trade or bank wire trade.

4% of the total KON tokens will be for early supporters who can get airdrop by enrolling with the association.

Detail KONIOS Token Sale

Token : KON

Stage : Ethereum

Sort : ERC20

PreICO cost : 1 KON = 0.005 USD

Cost in ICO : 1 KON = 0.01 USD

Tolerating : ETH, BTC, Fiat

Tokens available to be purchased : 3,750,000,000

Brought, it are regularly obviously demonstrated that the KON token dispersion set up, with a group offer of half of 1 mile (open deal seventy fifth, presale 2%, airdrop 4%, compensate framework 7%), centers around a restricted dissemination of the KON token.

The attention is on an advancement arranged dispersion of the possible assets and an expansive scale advancing effort. this allows an expedient dispatch of the Konios stage.
For more information and updates, check out the following links:

Website: https://konios.com

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nf6o1WJooXwv8KCe6vxxqoqmQFpIcMY1/view

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial


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