SKYFCHAIN - First B2R (Business-to-Robot) Project Build on Blockchain

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SKYFCHAIN - First B2R (Business-to-Robot) Project Build on Blockchain

Hi friends, here i will tell you about SKYFCHAIN project, ICO with strong fundamental which will ends on next wednesday, 15th August 2018. This project has been highly rated by various ICO rating sites (ICObench 4.6, ICOholder 4.55, trackICO 5), but if you think those rating isn't important then i'll tell you some advantages of this project below.

What is SKYFCHAIN and SKYFtoken?

SKYFCHAIN is first drone operation platform build on blockchain. SKYFchain as a blockchain with built-in smart contracts will provide trusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks, and authorities worldwide. And SKYFT token (SKYFT), its utility token, build on ethereum and will be used as a currency for every transaction in the platform, so operational transaction and buy a services/drones from SKYF will require SKYFT token.

SKYFT token will run on two different blockchain, in ethereum network as ERC20 token and in SKYFchain private blockchain. Private (permissioned) blockchain is required to simplify the development and support and give an opportunity to choose solution most appropriate for each particular task. also by having private blockchain, user will not affected by ethereum network problem (scalability). and by built as an ERC20 token, SKYFT can be traded freely on many different exchanges, also user can easily store SKYFT in any ERC20 supported wallet.

The problem of storage and token balances reconciliation between SKYFchain and public Ethereum networks is solved by using payment channels and keeping balances in Ethereum public network. There are already several implementations of payment channels. And with Plasma project evolution sharding, parallel transaction execution and most of all the scalability problem are going to be addressed.

SKYFchain Drone

The SKYF Unmanned Aerial Carrier, was designed and built at ARDN Technology Limited (UK), whose R&D HQ is now located in Kazan, Russia. This petrol fuelled drone have a flight range of 350 KM and can bring a goods up to 400 KG. in addition to delivering goods, this drone will also be used in agricultural sector. SKYF have several potential clients, such as Syngenta AG (Swiss-based agribusiness), Russian post (largest post operator in Russia), NGK Slavnet (oil-drilling company), and five others. and recent news, SKYFchain joins DOCOMO’s program to implement 5G technology using SKYF drones.

you can check SKYF channel for more drone videos

Token and ICO

SKYFchain ICO began on 1 March 2018 and will end next Wednesday or 15 August 2018. SKYFT token has fixed amount of 1,200,000,000 tokens and 44% from total supply allocated for crowdsale. in case you want to participate in ICO, now still not too late, just go to SKYFchain website, Current token price is $0.065 and minimum amount to buy is 3000 SKYFT.
SKYF will spend $50M in 5 years to buy back SKYFT tokens and already partnered with Bitforex (top 10 exchange according to CoinMarketCap) for listing SKYFT token on Bitforex exchange after ICO

You can see more detail about SKYFT token, SKYF private blockchain, team, etc. on SKYFchain whitepaper


  • 2014 – 2017
    Securing $5 mln of VC funding, design and
    manufacturing of SKYF cargo,drones;
    successful aerodynamic tests;
    fully autonomous flights Q4 2017.

  • 2018 - 2019
    SKYFchain project spinoff from the SKYF project,
    development of the private blockchain;
    creation of the international legal structure;
    sales of first assembled SKYF drones and
    expansion of the partner network to the regions
    without strict regulation of cargo drones flights
    (CIS, Asia, Africa).

  • 2020- 2022
    Rapid growth of SKYF drone sales;
    inclusion of third-party drones data into SKYF-chain;
    lobbying for new regulations in developed markets.

  • 2023 – 2025
    Inclusion of ground and sea cargo drones
    into the system;
    passenger drones to follow.

This project can be one option for you to invest for long term. drone market has rapid growth since last years ^, and this grow will continue until drones become common thing in industries, especially agriculture and logistic sector, as well as in our everyday lives. blockchain based drone companies? two baby giants, i have no doubt about it.

and $50 million token burn, don't forget token burn.
only project with strong fundamental can survive in bear market

note: i tried my best writing this post in English, sorry for any grammar mistakes and wrong words

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