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The challenges facing the gaming industry is something we should not underestimate; the issues has make people lost the zeal and passion for gambling. Some of the issues are: lack of trust, unfairness, manipulation, slow in payment, insufficient reward etc. The innovation of blockchain has comes up with technology that will revolutionize the gaming industry. This makes a platform called ANYONE capitalize on the innovation to build a decentralized gaming platform that offers dividends to the stakeholders. You can see that this is a revolution in the gaming and gambling sectors and I believe we will all welcome this development.

The ANYONE is a blockchain based gaming platform that has tokenized the gambling platform with a futures to make the industry become reliable and transparent. The ANYONE gaming platform is a digital gaming platform where people can gamble games and win a lot up to their taste. The ANYONE gaming platform has a lot other features; one of it is "dividends". The ANYONE gaming platform is a scheme you can earn dividends for being a stakeholders (buy holding the platform native coin). The ANYONE is also an investment platform for earning according to the kind of investment you made. So the ANYONE platform s a place you can gamble, invest and earn.

ANYONE is a gaming platform that has laid a foundation in Hong Kong managing the business model for the platform and laid another foundation is Belize managing cassino game business. The ANYONE is not just a gaming platform but also a place of dividends. This means in ANYONE gaming platform, you earn dividends for gambling and also earn dividends for holding their coin.


It is a decentralized gaming platform and no central power that controls games.

There is fairness in this platform gaming system

No manipulation experience because everything is automated

The ANYONE gaming platform is transparent in all ramification

No payment delay because withdrawal will be easy and transferable into the users wallet immediately.

No restrictions unlike the traditional gaming system that opens their games and limit it to some country.

The ANYONE gaming platform has a lot of games to suit individual taste; some of the games which you can find there are:
Chinese Beauty
Dragon & Tiger
Anyone Quick
Even Game and more is still coming

The platform has developed a native coin for the platform, the coin will be vehemently utilize in this platform. The coin was built on their own POW blockchain and it is very secure and have high throughput.


The ANY coin is the native coin of ANYONE gaming platform, it is the key that is driving the platform. ANY is the major currency for the platform exchange; everyone will be able to acquire and trade the ANY coin there. The ANY coin can be used to play and stake games in ANYONE gaming platform. The users of ANYONE platform can invests on ANY coin and earn dividends and profits ranging from 2% to 15% depending on the type of investment you made because there are short term and long term investment in this platform.


Type : POW
Algorithm : SHA256
Block Time : 60 Seconds
Maturity : 50 Confirmations
Premine : 100 %
rpcport : 12706
p2pport : 12606
Total Supply: 6 billion ANY coin
Circulating Supply: 2.9 billion ANY coin

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