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Good day my fellow crypto enthusiastic! I'm here to share a new project called Digital Gold to you all. I believe many of you have not come across it, but here is the privilege to know more about them.

For a while now, we have seen many cryptocurrency project flying the space, making waves and showing some features like they have arrived, but how many of them could keep the pace up till date? We can see that 99.5% of crypto market is not stable, rather it fluctuate and comes with signal that many people could not expect to see. How can crypto traders and investors survive the heartbreak of market fluctuation that has been the order of the day in the crypto system? Converting your assets to a stable coin is just the answer. Most stablecoin do depreciate or appreciate but stays in a position. This is exactly what make Digital Gold to came into existence.

GOLD is a new stablecoin asset backed up by physical gold. It is related to other stablecoin in the sense that the price don't depreciate but different in pegging their coin with physical assets (Gold) unlike others stablecoin that peg price with USD ($). This mechanisms is far better in the sense that the price can go up i.e if you peg your cryptocurrency with the physical gold, and probably the price of gold goes up, your assets will go up but it won't depreciate like other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Digital Gold will be the first stablecoin that peg with physical assets in which they use gold.

There are challenges facing the stablecoin that do peg with normal fiat;
Investors don't like investing in it because it does not attract much profits. It is just like what you invest there is what you will take back (no lost, no gain).
There is always low trading volume, no liquidity and many investors do get stock in the market. There are still many issues but let me stop here.

So therefore, Digital Gold is the solution to those mentioned challenges; they have created a platform that issued a stablecoin coin which was pegged on the exact price of the physical gold. In a nutshell, any of your cryptocurrency you convert into stablecoin through the digital gold is equivalent to the exact price of a pure gold.

The Digital Gold is the very best we should all adopt because they help investors to save and secure their investment annually with fees less than 1%. This is the best offer so far once it comes to the strategic of the all financial principle.

The Gold token is not just a stablecoin but also an:
Assets of Value
Token used as a means of payment
Used as savings
Used as an investment
Gold token can finally be used for hedging cryptocurrency risks.

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