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Revolution across the world is constant and ever since we moved into the digital era, the internet and information services has been the tools carrying us along, it make use to get connected to each other and make use to do things in a digital way. The internet services has digitized the global businesses, trade, and peer to peer communication. It has also grown into a worldwide network, facilitating communication, and management level. This shows the internet is very important in every sector and its has completely changed the society and the economy of the world.

The internet and service providers are monopoly organizations offering services. Though their efforts should be commendable, but in another way, the rate of individuals infrastructure that require internet is becoming higher than the quantity and quality of internet service they could offer. This is why the internet get congested most of the time because the load is higher than what it ought to carry.

The blockchain technology has been tipped as the technology that will revolutionize the system and brings the next phase of the internet and social movements. This is what led to the creation of a platform called Function X.
The Function X is a new development that is working to empower the next generation of internet. I believe we should all know that we are already in the new phase of the world, especially since blockchain technology came into existence. So the platform Function X will be the next generation of internet and it's related services.

The aim of Function X is to build a decentralized and secure ecosystem where monopolies will enjoy adequate and effective internet services.


The traditional firm that are in charge of providing internet service to people are so bias. It came to my understanding that the big enterprises do treated right more than individuals that device product that makes use of the internet. It is now obvious that there is centralization and monopolistic behaviour in this ecosystem for now. This is the reason why all these big firm process and handle more data than what individuals do. They will be able to read your data, they will be able to transmit your data and store your data because the system is operating from a centralized server. So they now have power over our data and do what they like with it without our consent. All the new firm that make use of data find it difficult to challenge the bigger firm and this has made many innovations to died down along the process. You ought to ask yourself why is it difficult to see a new type of internet devices in the market? It is because the gigantic firm with their monopolistic ideology gives the smaller firms no space.

The internet data are not available in every location, so it can be found in only the concentrated locations. It is just like something being remote to focus on a certain location. The security status of the internet data is another issue that calls for attention. The worst part is that this network only have a single data and if the central server is cut off by internet criminals, the entire internet will shut down and there will be no more operation. Finally, lack of trust and transparency has brought a lot of setbacks into the ecosystem and native impacts into the world economy.


The emergence of blockchain technologies have paved new ways to transform the traditional centralized monopoly of internet mechanisms and it has come with a feature that where all participants can have equal rights and autonomy. Blockchain will change that mindset of ownership and turn it into a robust system. All these features and benefits are what inspire the brain behind this project to build Function X.
The idea of Function X will make people enjoy total decentralization where individuals will have the opportunity to handle and controls data by themselves.

The Function X platform was derived by the Pundi X. This platform was built with a mission to overhaul the ecosystem into 100% decentralization. This system will not eliminate the previous internet service framework, rather it will come inform of improving the existing internet system with the help of blockchain technology.


Function X is a next generation internet service framework. It will create a new ecosystem of service framework by improving the efficiency of the existing internet by incorporating it with blockchain architecture. The platform is going to build the infrastructure which is going to solve the challenges the previous internet framework were facing and we make us enjoys the new internet ecosystem with decentralization feature. The internet, data , information, devices all will be decentralized.

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