The Business Model Behind AnyOne Architecture

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In my previous article, i explained a lot about the goals, mission and vision of Anyone Foundation and how the company plans to create a brand new ecosystem on top the blockchain industry by intertwinning the gaming industry and the dividends industry.

The goals of every business is success, and success can be calculated in many forms, to some companies, a high rate of turn over can be said to be success, to another particular company, having a wide range of customers could be interpreted as success, to others, large number of production per unit accrues as success.
AnyOne Foundation seeks to spearhead a milestone in the blockchain industry, bringing to life, what has been thought to be impossible and ensuring the entire process is fast, seamless, trusted and decentralized. By the integration of Smart Contracts, users can deploy investments into several areas and receive dividends for doing so.
Anyone Foundation Business Model Stands on a set of basic Funtions and features which are the major products of the Anyone Ecosystem, these functions and features has helped streamline the activities of the company and give directions and focus to the individual investors venturing into AnyOne Ecosystem as to the nature and type of business being operated in the AnyOne Ecosystem.

The Four Functional Frameworks which AnyOne Foundation plans to build the entire ecosystem upon are majorly innovative frameworks that would require vision and tenacity to run and operate, and of course AnyOne Foundation is at the top of their game, building and developing consensus algorithms to run and manage these frameworks intermittently, without having issues and challenges. These are made possible by the stringent and exclusive benefits attached to the blockchain technology and the products and projects it powers. These Frameworks Includes:
Anyone Exchange:
AnyOne Ltd Plans to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange that will be the hub of Cryptocurrency activities in the whole of China and beyond. Investors in the AnyOne Foundation would have to receive dividends based on the turn over and profits made from the cryptocurrency exchange.

Running a cryptocurrency exchange is daunting, and as we know requires a lot of manpower and technical know how. The AnyOne team have been well equipped and is still bringing in more to the table to ensure the deployment and maintenance of top-notch, world-class cryptocurrency exchange.

Hence the Exchange has not been launched yet, we hope in the nearest future, AnyOne Exchange would usher in a new revolutionary form of cryptocurrency exchange and trading services with advanced features that will drive for global adopition of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Anyone Games:
AnyOne Ltd from inception had began the development of a series of online games from different categories including mini games, slot games and table games. The major goal of AnyOne Ltd is to be the Pioneer of the Intertwinning of the gaming and investment ecosystem on top of the blockchain technology, and as such there is a need to represent at least a large portion of both ecosystems. Therefore, AnyOne Ltd team have gone ahead to develop a large amount of several types of games and gaming systems, and have become the hub for a plethora of games, both casino and others.

Anyone Dividends:
The second goal of AnyOne Ltd is to esure that investors receive renumerations from their investors or individuals who invest into the platform. The Company has set aside a set of investment packages and rewards structure for each and every kind of investments. The percentage daily, weekly and monthly earnings are structured to suit the investment package for each investor and to suit the different categories of investors. The dividends are paid back to the investors at particular intervals, as published in the Dividend page and AnyOne Blockchain Explorer.

Anyone Referral:

AnyOne Ecosystem was bult to ensure that everyone receives a taste of blockchain technology and that individuals can comfortably access online games, play and receive incentives with real-life values, including the investment and dividends infrastructure. To move for global adoption, there is a need to utilize the marketing system of the 21st century –The word of Mouth ecology. AnyOne Ltd is planning a referral system that will allow individuals to receive monetary incentives and renumerations for inviting their friends into the ecosystem.


Type : POW
Algorithm : SHA256
Block Time : 60 Seconds
Maturity : 50 Confirmations
Premine : 100 %
rpcport : 12706
p2pport : 12606
Total Supply: 6 billion ANY coin
Circulating Supply: 2.9 billion ANY coin

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