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A company was formed in 2017 as a ground for control of process of assertion of exactness and originality of information. Her methodology of technology of Blockchain Technology is used in Adelaide - administrative center and most city that consists of five the largest on the Green continent, and is in the state South Australia. To date Trusted increased in sizes and in the composition has offices in the United States of America (THE USA), in a presence contains the over pair of ten of workers occupying labor twenty-four hours wholly and labor twenty-four hours partly. TrustED is a department, that based on principles of science dealing with establishment of accordance of the got and presented material by appropriate orders. In turn a department guarantees frankness, decency, legality and comfort for industry of humane facilities. The mechanism of this technology of safety gives a right to the colleges, institutions of higher learning, and also online-to save lyceums and educational establishments and recognize marks, census information or agreements, using sorting of edition with the center of translations, that is saved and edited by all residents of structure of bitcoin. Besides it, sufferet participants will get a complete right dare conduct diagnostics, owning information for verification of authenticity, records of people through the ground of Trusted. This process will help to get rid from present long, expensive enough and portable procedures. For the sake of Your comfort verification became far simpler. Now employers are right to investigate the personal information of credible workers, unassisted other parties and far quicker. Our platform (TrustED) advises and recommends authorities the reliable key of consideration of certificates for worker migrants, in addition, he finds out one or another quack queries more more productive and operative, say, crossing and taking no notice on present technologies. Colleagues are in a strategic relation - "ACCODEX", "netObjex", "Norta Partners".


TrustED worked out and developed the programmed and settled situation, after extended her on the theoretical structure of guidance by the personal information, that, in turn, will give away a bit considerable values to every participant of ecosystem.

1.Success for theoretical establishments is:

securing and economy for a level is higher;
slump of risky expenses;
wretched probability of loss of the personal information;
control of information about an user for his authentification (identifications);
height of flow of profit.

2.Students deserve the following:

mobility of certificates;
lightness of visit;
stability of reasons;
very tall defence and stability.

3.Employers and looking participants have a right on:

quality businesses and productivity;
decreased expenses and short-term quotas.


Do you know, what relation our project has to cryptocurrency? A ground uses technologies of blockchain, that to decide questions on a line belonging, presently, to the modern structure. Also, besides it, on a platform cryptocurrency plays role of main mission of plugins on a ground, and, directly, gives an opportunity to such participants, as operators of the modules, to earn gratitude for the done labour, and provides an equilibrium on a platform. Regardless of the attained aims in development of establishments, there is a risk not to obtain understanding and tacking to the network of all establishments. However, casting aside doubts aside, Products on the platform of TrustED are quite free of charge and accessible to each, in addition, in the plans of project to supply all is absolute exchanges token TED, to give exploitation of platforms.


Our remarkable command of the business professionals is not simply command, here we are the united family that listens and always hurries for help to each, who her needs. Fraternity consists of 7 brave fighters, irreplaceable specialists, experience and skilled leaders, resident in Australia and United States of America (THE USA). The put tasks, that behave to the problems with a company management, are overcame with lightness. We work in a few largest establishments of Australia, and yet serious associations, for example, Yahoo and HSBC. TrustED, in addition, concludes in itself the command of methodists from experience connoisseurs, resident in many countries. The fact of the developed and intellectual distinction in a group TrustED guarantees many-sided abilities and abilities in many spheres, cerebral attack and knowledge, that certainly will result in subsequent victory of technologies of TrustED.


Drawing conclusion from this review, I want to say that this conception will help to avoid a swindle in the field of academic background check, will help to simplify and decentralize this market, that is a plus both for students and for educational establishments.

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