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It seems that nowadays cryptocurrency market has enough exchanges or I would even say that its number exceeds the demand. Basically, it is possible to divide existing exchanges into two main categories:

1) Centralized (Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex)

Centralized exchanges cannot boast by a reliable degree of security. As a rule, registering there is not so straightforward, what’s more, sometimes in order to simply output tokens it is necessary to go through KYC, and the whole process may take weeks and sometimes requires communicating with the support staff (the Exchange OKEX is the brightest example of it). And this is, in fact, the lesser of evils. Let’s recall recent events with Binance and difficulties which they faced while logging in or an event with hacked APIs, thanks to which criminals managed to pump a coin, at the expense of other people's funds. Not mentioning that your documents can be sent to any spot on the Earth, if your exchange is not reliable. Residents of the United States, with their taxation, can understand me easily. Of course, centralized exchanges have their own advantage, namely, the volume of trading. You have a greater possibility to sell your tokens there. But at the same time, facing so many problems, it becomes clear that crypto world will not have them in the future. Even already mentioned Binance is going to get centralized.

2) Decentralized (etherdelta, switcheo)

The process of registration in decentralized exchanges is not required at all. All you need to do is just to log in from your wallet without entering your private key (though it's better to log in with the help of metamask, which can be offered by some exchanges). The main problem of the latter is that you can not sell your Ripple for BTC, for instance (speaking of etherdelta), but only for ETH. On switcheo you can only use NEO and tokens on its base. Which, in its turn, makes a user do more actions in order to turn their coins into a real currency.

LocalCoinSwap is obliged to solve this problem.

Being a decentralized exchange, LocalCoinSwap allows to exchange any pairs of crypto currency, and among other things, it allows you to do the same with fiat (cryptocurrency).

LocalCoinSwap is based on a P2P system where one user trades directly with another one. Thus, the basic principle of decentralization is preserved, adding to this freedom the chance of opting for currencies and crypto currency. As a matter of fact, a product which is bargained is predetermined by the market demands. One of the most attractive features of the exchange is the dividend system. You will be able to share a part from the sale of all tokens. Everything you need to do is to be a holder of the LCS internal token. The more tokens you possess, the bigger percent of the transactions of other pairs you get. This is predetermined by the fact that all users are co-founders of the system. By the way, such a system has been operating and thriving on the Kucoin exchange (and, in my opinion, is considered to be one of the best on the market). The only thing is that the latter one is centralized.


1) Decentralization. Which guarantees the safety of your coins, as well as your data.

2) P2P expands the range of trades, which will allow trading a huge variety of different cryptocurrencies as well as currency pairs.

3) Dividends. By storing the internal LCS token, you become a co-founder and receive % of all transactions in the same currencies in which they were generated.

4) The right of voting. The listing of coins and other important decisions will be conducted by voting. Which means that only the most profitable pairs and coins will be traded on the stock exchange.

The ideal combination of some advantages of centralized exchanges and the concept of decentralization have merged into LocalCoinSwap, which in fact can revolutionize this conservative market.


Price of a token: 2500 LCS = 1 ETH

In total there will be released: 100,000,000 tokens

During the period of ICO there will be sold 70,000,000 million tokens.

Soft cap: $ 500,000 

Hard cap: $ 20 000 000


Exclusivly for the telegram channel @stevesbounty 

BTT account: AccidentalGenius 

ETH wallet: 0xe0FEE0610C46d5DE7E3B105239749B994E78a189   

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Great idea of decentralized peer-to-peer exchange by LocalCoinSwap! Looking forward to use their platform!