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What is BEATRĪX ? 

Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications, RĪX as the name of the Token BEATRĪX is a collaboration of companies, combining years of experience in area-independent industries :

  • Energy : Energy Towers GmbH 
  • Telecommunications : Nynex/FiberONE 
  • Financial services : Phenecia AG Biogas plants Expert : Bioconstruct GmbH 
  • SME/Industry/Engineering : GBZ GmbH and Hänchen GmbH 
  • University : Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)  

BEATRĪX is going to provide green, low cost, sustainable energy and telecommunications to people who need it the most. The predominant focus of our dynamic project is Africa, where we are going to develop growth and progress until we become a market leader.  We are equipped with a new revolutionary energy and blockchain technology that will help Africa to develop incredibly rapidly.

The main and only focus of our project is Africa, which is where we will stay until we become a market leader. There are significant barriers to the further implementation of renewable energy that need to be addressed.  The key issues include the following: Many renewable energy technologies remain expensive, on account of higher capital costs, compared to conventional energy supplies for bulk energy supply to urban areas or major industries. Implementation of renewable energy technologies needs significant initial investment and may need support for relatively long periods before reaching profitability.  The good news is that attaining sustainability is still possible, that is where ingenuity, innovation, and education comes in. We just need to combine our genius and common sense for a sustainable green future. Now is the right time to  Abstract: 

 There is a strong need to develop a viable independent power industry that serves the public interest by providing cost-effective electricity through the environmentally responsible and efficient development of available energy resources. Our objective is to highlight the Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) technology in term of need, types of DETDs, features, deployment barriers, applications, drawbacks, challenges, etc. DETDs are not only simple power sources for telecom or other applications rather helpful in keeping environment as clean and green. Similarly, we can use the term “Green Telecom” while using DETDs in telecom applications. The energy industry must be involved by switching generation sources to more sustainable sources and working with customers to help them use energy more efficiently. The Green Telecom theme is to promote carbon accountability in the telecom industry. The demand of renewable energy for environmental concerns has been increasing rapidly. The Energy Technologies are readily available in the market but there are some issues .

Follow the steps below to Buy your RĪX Tokens

  • Step 1: Calculate the number of RĪX you want and get the BTC/ETH value( 1 RĪX Token = $0.025 )
  • Step 2: Minimum RĪX Tokens should be 4000.   =  $2.50 | 0.000297 BTC | 0.00575 ETH
  • Step 3: We have provided ample payment options. Choose one of the payment options below.
  • Step 4: Make your payment using BTC / ETH and the calculated amount.
  • Step 5: Make your payment using $ / € / 80+ cryptos Coins, via our cooperation partner BESTRATE.
  • Step 6: Once payment is done > Click on 'Enter Transaction Details' (Only if you did not use the BESTRATE option).
  • Step 7: You will recieve your RĪX Tokens into your registered Wallet after ICO completion. 


My Bct Name :  Rudy Letjest

profil link :;u=1978194


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