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Do you like social networks? Numerous social studies show that the majority of users of popular social networks. networking does not get much pleasure from spending time in them. On the contrary, they take up a lot of precious time that could be spent usefully.

We are dependent on social networks. And of course, getting dependent on something we are looking for opportunities to combine business with pleasure. Today we will tell you about a truly revolutionary product – ARROUND, able to turn the concept of social network upside down.

The first thing you should remember about the ARROUND network is its implementation of AR (augmented reality). The system has many unique technological features. The system will be useful for advertisers, users and developers.

ARROUND for advertisers is a great tool that provides a lot of really amazing opportunities. New users attracted by them, in addition to the choice of purchasing products, get access to a whole world of useful things.

Who will be interested in the project?

Consumers. Consumers enjoy the possibilities of ARROUND, as well as find news about promotions and discounts in various stores, which are shared by other users.
Advertisers. High-quality, and most importantly the target audience contributes to the profit of advertisers. And this is done not at the expense of Intrusive advertising, and the search for an audience in need of this service or product.
Advertising agencies. Within the network it will be convenient and interesting to promote your own and others ‘ developments. Here you will find a wide audience –from the creators of video content to the organizers of mass events.
Developers. By registering in this network, you can count on a quick and budget promotion of the creative product. Especially here waiting for content creators for augmented reality systems.
Miners. The platform network is open to cryptocurrency miners.

Project structure

Mobile application. The interaction of the participants of the platform will occur through smartphones. Users of the ARROUND system will be able to interact with the world thanks to augmented reality. We are talking about creating content and communicating with friends, and an informative source about promotions and discounts from other users.

Server. The core of the project ecosystem. All information about user profiles and AR-content will be stored here, and the download will be redistributed to locations.

Portal advertisers. Since, perhaps, the main innovation in the project is augmented reality, the developers of the project got a portal for the creators of AR – content.

Blockchain. Application of the most modern technologies is the most reliable guarantee of observance of the rights to intellectual property, reliable storage of all important information, means on purses. and also promotes long-term rentals for AR content.

The possibilities of the project

Media content. You can store your memories in augmented reality. Link any content to a specific location. If the user wishes, this information can be viewed by other users.
Discounts. Platform technology will allow you to simply point the screen of your smartphone at the signs to see discounts and promotions!
Proposal. Share things that interest you. Anyone who passes near you can view the offer.
Combating crime. If you are a witness of an illegal incident, you can make news or shoot everything on camera. Believe me, the public will owe you for this.
Search. By forming queries in the search engine system, you are notified of the find, being close to the search location.
Acquaintances. Within the framework of the platform, it is easy and convenient to look for new friends and acquaintances. The creators of the platform urge us, users, not to be afraid to share emotions, send videos, photos and other content. Thanks to this, future generations will be able to understand us.
Past. You will be able to watch thanks to augmented reality, who visited this or that place before you. You will be able to observe the events that took place at this place earlier.


The new currency name is ARR. One token of the system is set at $ 0.035. USA. The project is released on the Ethereum platform. You can buy ARR for ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash. The minimum amount of fees is $ 5 million. USA, hard cap sales. The project is registered in a small country of Central America – in Belize and has no legal boundaries.
Pre-sale was successfully held from 27 February to 1 may.
The main sales began on September 15 and will end on November 15.

Overall distribution of investments

– 1.5% of the pool bounty;
– 8.2% bonus during sales period;
– 10% share of the team;
– 10% will be received by the holders of tokens;
– 48.3% of the pool of pre-sales;
– 22% of the project development pool.

Social network

The team tries to be active in a number of popular social networks.The official group in Twitter today (October 5) – 5396 subscribers, Facebook – 2955, vk – 105, Telegram – 3489, Medium – 548, Youtube – 308. There is some activity on Github and Reddit.


The idea of creating a platform appeared in 2016. The following year, the team signed the first serious partnership, received investment in the creation of MVP, began to prepare technical documentation of the project. This year, the developers are engaged in the creation and launch of applications for Android and iOS and devices. The launch of the alpha version will be followed by rapid popularization and content filling. Next year augmented reality will be integrated into the platform, advertising campaigns will be launched in Europe and advertising agencies will be involved. Also, the developers promise to launch a unique designer for interactive advertising in augmented reality. In 2020, the team plans to enter the Asian market, launch the SDK and alpha version for residents of the United States.


Only 1.5% of the project tokens (45 million) were allocated for support programs. The campaign began on August 27 and will end on November 15. Distribute funds as following:
– 10% Facebook pool;
– 10% Twitter support;
– 15% transfer;
– 4% LinkedIn pool;
– 15% pool of the blogosphere;
– 4% allocated to Medium;
– 25% Of The Download & Share;
– 4% Instagram pool;
– 10% of the subscription campaign;
– 3% support in VK.

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Project which is very nice, I support and I want your project succes! good luck

Mobile application. The interaction of the participants of the platform will occur through smartphones

Please tell me, what is the minimum token purchase?