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Today, Japan ranks third in the world rating of the gaming industry ($ 12.4 billion a year). Today we will talk about the project of Asobimo Incorporation, which seeks to use the full potential of the market by introducing the most advanced technologies into its work.

About company

Asobimo Incorporation was founded in 2003; is developing MMORPG games (this genre involves a combination of role-playing and multi-player video games, in which a large number of players can simultaneously participate). In 2007, the team launched its first game for smartphones – “Iruna Senki Online”. The success was terrific, and, since then, Asobimo Incorporation has switched exclusively to developing games for smartphones. One of the best developments of the company can be called “Avabel Online” and “Toram Online”. Today Asobimo employs about 600 employees worldwide, the company’s total sales are over $ 200 million, games from the manufacturer have downloaded more than 50 million times.


The blockchain-project of the company is dedicated to creating comfortable conditions for trading of digital (second-hand) content. The creators of the project believe that the trade in digital content has great prospects, because they can be traded with virtually zero costs.
The project will use technology DSS (decentralized protection system), through which you can effectively prove the right to digital content. The introduction of the system will protect rights holders from uncontrolled copying of game items, discount points of stores and music files.


In total, the project “minted” 16.5 billion ABX tokens. The project has a sufficiently high entry threshold – a minimum for 1ETH investments. During sales, the price is set – 1 ABX token is equivalent to 1 JPY. Soft-cap of the project – 550 million JPY. The top line of sales is 5.5 billion JPY (which at the current rate is equivalent to 49,484,215 dollars). The project is registered in Estonia, and is banned in the US and China.
ICO. Sales began on July 4 and will end on September 30.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 10% share on the program bounty;
– 10% reserve pool;
– 10% carrying out air stations;
– 20% will be shared between team members and advisors;
– 50% will be sold during crowdsale.

How will the collected funds be distributed?

– 3% legal expenses;
– 10% will go to the reserve;
– 30% advance;
– 50% used for software development;
– another 7% will go to business development.


An outstanding personality is the project manager Katsunori Kondo, who is also the president of ASOBIMO, Inc. During long, fruitful years of work, he gathered around him the best specialists in the field. Many members of the team have many years of successful work experience only in Japan, but also far beyond its borders. A total of 6 members of the project team, 7 technical experts and 16 advisers are listed on the site.

Social networks
The team was able to gather around a solid level of popularity. Now (August 28) in the Telegram group – 16987 subscribers, Instagram – 2132, Twitter – 15300, Facebook – 1938, Youtube – 26555. The Github profile of the project in the three repositories lays out all the most important developments.


The project allocated 50 million ABX coins for campaigning. The project decided to develop only 4 areas, the funds will be distributed as follows:
– 15% Twitter pool;
– 10% allocated on Facebook;
– 45% of the video campaign;
– 30% is allocated for campaign content.


ASOBI WALLET will be launched until December 2018, the project’s crypto currency will be available in the company’s games, ASOBI MARKET will be launched, within which it will be possible to purchase secondary digital content. By March 2019 in the market will become available e-books, by June – video, music and electronic tickets. The creators of the platform promise that by the end of the year the project token will be used in more than 10 thousand games.




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