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As you know, even Lenin said that not everything written on the Internet can be trusted. We all want to have a reliable, honest and up-to-date source of information. If you want to work with cryptocurrencies, such a source is vital, indispensable. Today we will tell you about one of the few projects that can become your daily tool to achieve your goals. Introducing, Deex Exchange.

Main feature

You can mistakenly think at once that this exchange, like a hundred others, will not be able to bring you absolutely no benefit. But, looking closely, you can easily find the obvious advantages. Having carefully studied it, I realized that I had been looking for something similar. Of course, the first obvious advantage is decentralization. Most exchanges, whatever they guarantee and promise, still remain centralized at the moment. Many exchanges that exist at the moment are centralized. They all try to compensate their centralized structure with various bonus systems and wide functionality. And yet, they remain less secure than our current exchange. Unfortunately, cyber attacks on centralized crypto-currency exchanges have been carried out repeatedly in recent years, so we are well aware of the problems that we may face.

Principle of operation
The most important thing that was taken as a basis by the creators of the project is the safety of all users of the project. Most likely, you already know the basic principles of decentralization, which allows you to store data on all devices connected to the Network at the same time. This principle makes it possible to support and reveal the essence of blockchain decentralization, to satisfy the user in the reliability and safety of personal funds. In General, in the worst case a hacker will be able to hack only one device, but the Network will not suffer from this, as it could happen in a centralized network.

In General, the developers are very sensitive to customer security issues. The exchange will be interesting, as well as for “experienced wolves” of cryptocurrencies (investors or traders), and for ordinary people (beginners), starting their hard way in the crypto-currency sphere. As previously reported, the Deex platform initially used the already proven Bitshares engine, which is fast, reliable and convenient. The developer is currently actively working on creating their own algorithm, this is done on Graphene.


– Getting the first time on this exchange, the first thing you need to create your wallet. The creators of the system guarantee the highest degree of security. Providing high security confirms the use of a unique blockchain DPOS. All commissions will be minimal.
– Inside the system, you can easily create a lot of crypto-currency pairs, use any popular crypto-currencies, including BTC, ETH and Deex.Buy and sell other currencies.
– Deex platform gives us a chance to get profit from distribution;
– Inside the project, you can find all the necessary tools for creating and conducting ICO, which is certainly a huge plus;
– Another main function of the project include gateways, through which the platform participants will be able to interact with other payment systems and trading platforms, using the functions of input and output of their Fiat funds.


The new program began on October 12 and will last three months. All participants were allocated the equivalent of 100 thousand USA dollars. Allocation of funds allocated to the bounty:
– 10% allocated to Facebook;
– 8% LinkedIn pool;
– 10% of the pool of Twitter;
– 7% share of the campaign in Instagram;
– 30% blogosphere;
– 6% on Reddit.;
– 6% YouTube pool;
– 3% pool of Telegram campaign;
– 20% of the subscription campaign in bitcontrol.

Popularity in social networks

Despite the fact that the second bounty campaign is already actively carried out, about the project in the social. networks in the network knows the still limited number of people. But maybe it’s for the best, You will get more tokens of this unique network. Today, November 4, in the Telegram society signed 2669 people, Twitter – 4049, Youtube – 8302, VK – 2519, reddit – 174, medium – 18, steemit – 380, instagram – 656. There are pages in slack and facebook. True fans of digging into the code will appreciate the profile of the guys in Github, there are already 6 repositories.




Bitcointalk Username: saycryptohello
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1336255

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A good and promising project that deserves the attention of investors!

the project has very good development prospects

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