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To overestimate the impact of social networks on modern society is difficult. Of the world’s top 100 sites in the world, 20 are classic soc. network, and 60 of the others also have elements of socialization to some extent. Today, more than 80% of the world’s companies are investing heavily in the development of their popularity in social networks. According to numerous polls, the overwhelming majority of users trust the information they derive from their favorite network.

For many users, over time, the lack of the proper level of confidentiality of their own information becomes a problem. In social networks, people can point to themselves about almost all important information, including education, address, age, preferences in art, show their political views. And often do not think about the fact that the administration of the site, if desired, can read all the correspondence. According to experts, today the intelligence services collect about 70% of data on suspicious persons from open sources.

The essence of the project
Our today’s article is devoted to a unique project Foresting – this block project is created as a mobile service for the social. networks.

In use, the project network will be simple enough for beginners in the world of detachment. As part of the system, users will be able to earn a decent amount of content, and the revenue sharing mechanism for suppliers will also be launched here.

Functional platform:

– Foresting social media. Blockchain network for social networks.
This development is designed to organize remuneration, an equitable distribution of funds allocated for the promotion of participants.
– Foresting Bank – the core of the system. This part of the platform is responsible for arranging funding for users who are dealing with the content.
– Lab Foresting – this direction of the project is necessary to maintain the infrastructure, support users and the community as a whole.

Obviously, the development team promises us a very convenient intuitive UX / UI interface and a simplified exchange of coins, within which it will be easy to convert the token.


In total, the system will have 24 billion tokens PTON. For the sale of them exhibited 9.6 billion. The team set high goals – the lower bar of fees – as many as 90 thousand ethereums, the upper bar – 170 thousand ETH. At the same time, the minimum amount for an investment is 1 ETH. The project is registered in Singapore and ngdn is not prohibited.
ICO. The sales period is scheduled from September 10 to October 10. In the period of 1 etherium you can buy 33,333 PTONs.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 40% of tokens are put up for sale;
– 10% will be spent on marketing and fees to advisers;
– 10% share of partners;
– 10% will go to incentive programs;
– 5% of the funds will go into the reserve;
– 25% of the team members and founders will share.


The project involved a fairly large stratum of high-level specialists in various fields of knowledge. The site lists 43 team members, including executives and founders and 25 advisors.

Social networks

As of today, September 5, in the official group of Telegram – 7379 participants, Twitter – 2245, Facebook – 12614. Profile level in bitcointalk, representing the mutiny – Hero Member. In Reddit, the fabulous level of karma is 1534. The project leads an active blog in Medium, presented in the discord. There is a profile in Github.

48 million PTONs were allocated for the bounty campaign (643 thousand dollars USA). Allocation of funds:
– 12% Telegram ambassador;
– 15% video content;
– 12% share of the blogosphere;
– 10% allocated to Reddit;
– 10% support pool in Youtube;
– 6% subscription campaigns;
– 15% allocated to Twitter and FB;
– and another 5% pool of translators.


In the third quarter of this year, in addition to conducting ICO, alpha testing of the platform is also planned. In the near future, the publication of the final version of Whitepaper is expected. In the 4th quarter, beta testing will be conducted, the token will be flooded to the stock exchanges. In 2019, developers will work closely on the development of mobile phones, the team plans to actively launch the platform around the world.




Bitcointalk Username: saycryptohello
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1336255

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