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The introduction of the Internet into our lives has given us ample opportunities for free distribution of content and exchange of information. Blokchain gives us even greater opportunities – ease in the exchange of real assets.
The project, which we will tell you today, is a 4.0 version of the blockchain with an environmental aspect of development. In the plans for the team – the formation of a platform for designing dApps.

The key functionality of the project includes: anonymous P2P protocols, a hash algorithm based on anti-quantum principles and a unique 2-layer consensus and a mining mechanism for anonymous transaction protection, full-fledged smart contracts with Turing completeness. The project also promises us the original signature algorithm.
The system will include a unique multi-purpose functional (including the public chain, the consortium and many other forms as part of the implementation of the blockchain 4.0 system).


The platform ecosystem based on the shard algorithm is based. The structure is multidimensional; in the upper level, a consensus is confirmed in the network, but in the lower level, the transactions in the shard are confirmed.
The universal structure of the project solves the problem of speeds in transactions, and a number of inherent problems in the hash graph. The system will also employ HashNet technology, thanks to which an infinite number of nodes will be available.


The basis of the platform is the structure of HashNet, built on the DAG. This development in InterValue is a two-level network of HashGraphs.

The project solves a number of important tasks:

– Provides conditions for private transactions using ring signatures and ZKP;
– In work the unique smart contracts created on the basis of Moses (own VM) are involved;
– Opportunities of the project allow exchanging various crypto-currencies without any commissions.
– The system will also earn unique algorithms that protect the platform from quantum attacks.


In total, the system has 10 billion coins (INVE). By June, 0 the team managed to collect hard-cap on private sales – 45 thousand ETH. During this period for 1 etherium it was possible to buy 20 thousand INVE. The project had a very high entry threshold – the minimum investment amount was 100 ETH. So, as you have already understood, the project is designed for commercial and governmental organizations in the first place.

The system token, except for the role of the base currency in the system, will carry the following functional:
– for it you can pay commissions for transactions and notarization;
– Promotion of users to trade;
– Ecosystem support, work with smart contracts;
– Support of working capacity due to the introduction of the system of rewards of nodes with the help of mining;
– Conducting deposit fees to manage dApps within the public chain;
– development of additional network functionality and increasing the level of scalability.

General distribution of coins:

– 60% is allocated for mining;
– 9% private sale of ICO;
– 2% share of marketing;
– 3% will be shared by the development team;
– 26% Inter Value Foundation.


The site lists 9 team members and 14 consultants. Each of these specialists has a detailed description.

Social networks
The team conducts the main dialogue with the investors’ audience in its group in the Telegram – at the moment (August 6) there are 51061 subscribers here. All other networks have so far not secured such an activity – Twitter has 2,172 subscribers, Facebook – 266, Medium – 283, Reddit – Karma level 36. Github has 9 repositories laid out, and they are actively updated in recent days. The project also maintains an active blog on its own website.


In the second half of this year, the team’s main plans are the release of Inter Value v3.0 with anonymous mechanisms and a high level of privacy protection. Another important innovation will be the introduction of zk-SNARK technology. The team will also update the SDK.
Near the end of the year, Inter Value 4.0 will be introduced, which will include technologies to protect against quantum attacks.


Today, in the ICO market, the problem of blockchain of the fourth generation is more relevant than ever before. The creators of the project use only advanced technologies in the concept: for example, the Hashgraph protocol and the cross-chain from ICOM.
There are a lot of shortcomings – both in the development team and advisers, we did not find specialists with extensive experience in the world of blockbusters, although, perhaps, this project will be the first for a new generation of advanced developers. In addition, the road map events are indicated only until the end of this year. Well, let’s hope that in the very near future the creators of the project will tell us about their plans.




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