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Today we will tell you about KuBitX – the purpose and the task of this new crypto-currency platform is to create an accessible system for using crypto-currencies. Blockchain should be accessible to all social strata of the population, for all countries, believe the developers. The basis of the project’s ecosystem is the KuBitX Trade trading mechanism, platform wallets and a uniquely convenient administration control panel.

Developers also intend to introduce the widest functionality into the platform, because the system should be convenient for a wide range of buyers and sellers. Therefore, the platform faces a number of challenges: creating a truly reliable trading mechanism, providing regular banking services through banks, and initializing the ambassador’s program for the adoption and dissemination of information.


The name of the new coin is KBX. A total of 500 million KBX tokens are planned in the system, the price of one token is 0.00011 ETH. You can buy tokens for ETH and BTC. Soft-cap project – 10 thousand ETH, the top bar of sales – 25 thousand ETH.

Pre-sale. The stage runs from July 16 to August 31. Bonus for sales – 20%. The minimum amount for investing is 25 ETH.
ICO. Exact dates will be announced later, so far only the minimum amount for investment is known – just 0.25 ETH.

General distribution of coins

– 36% of the pool of the preliminary stage of sales;
– 2% is allocated for conducting bounty and airdrops;
– 23% will be shared by the founders and developers;
– 16% will be sold at the main stage;
– 3% pool of advisers;
– and another 20% will go to the investment fund of the project.

How the investment of the Crowdsale will be distributed

– 30% of funds for liquidity;
– 15% promotion and marketing pool;
– 15% will go to the reserve;
– 6% of partnership;
– 7% pool of legal expenses;
– 15% will spend on technology;
– 12% pool of operating expenses.

Social networks

The team pays much attention to the Bitcointalk forum, the level of the official page here is the Hero Member. In other respects, the level of the popularity is still at the average level – today (August 13), Telegram – 4032, Twitter – 3390, Facebook – 3295, Medium – 62, youtube – 42. There is some activity in Reddit and github.


A total of 5 million KBX coins were allocated to the campaign. Distribute fees as follows:
-15% share of program participants on YouTube;
10% pool of articles;
10% of funds for support in Reddit;
15% share of campaign participants on Twitter;
15% will share the campaigns in Facebook;
15% pool of translators;
20% of the funds for subscription campaigns.


The project was opened in the 4th quarter of last year. The team developed a feasibility study and launched benchmarking. The first half of the 2018th project was actively developing, a team was being recruited, important registration issues were solved (the project was registered in Malta), the whitepaper was being developed. In the third quarter, in addition to the start of sales, the program of ambassadors is planned to be launched, the beta version of Exchange Soft will be launched. By the end of the year, the exchange system will be launched. Further the project plans to conduct continuous improvement of all systems.

Strengths of the project

– High performance. The platform has a built-in Golang module, which includes only advanced architectural design. This technology guarantees the ability to conduct simultaneously, for 1 second, more than 12 million transactions! For comparison, in the most modern crypto-exchange exchanges this indicator for the same period of time does not exceed 1.4 million. Also, developers note a high level of fault tolerance – 99.995%!
– Assistance in depositing and transferring to Fiat. Already a lot of important contracts have been signed with payment service providers, however, the list of partners is planned to expand all the time.
– Support service. The creators of the project were very serious about the formation of the support service. Therefore, Global Channel is involved in the project work, so any user who wants can count on an operative and thoughtful answer from the operators.
– Multilanguage. The platform will be available in 5 world languages;
– Pleasant interface. The project will also launch trading courses, there will be several levels of complexity available. Moreover, the developers plan to create convenient applications for smartphones.
– Security. Because the platform works on Blockchain, it inherently has many advantages: transparency, transaction speed, confidentiality, and, most importantly, high security. A number of innovative security tools are being introduced, including encryption of information using the AES-256 algorithm, cold stand-alone wallets, penetration testing tools, protection against DDoS attacks, insurance of hot wallets and 3-factor authentication. Separately it is worth noting the technology AMM (Anti Market Manipulation) – the administrator has the full right to block suspicious accounts.

Site: https://www.kubitx.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.kubitx.io/wp.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kubitx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kubitx/
Github: https://github.com/Kubitx/token/blob/master/contracts/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/kubitx
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365
Medium: https://medium.com/@kubitx
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6o0xRXXlrPR0-OqcBwXOA
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kubitx-exchange/
Telegram: https://t.me/kubitx_official


Bitcointalk Username: saycryptohello
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1336255

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it is really powerfull and one of the most forward-looking projects today

впринципе такие проекты еще интересны многим инвесторам, поэтому можно заходить)

Website looks great and professional

Очень интересный проект, и ICO отличное. Буду инвестировать в проект. ОН стоящий.

Какой раз уже встречаю информацию о проекте. Много говорят о нём.

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