Nebula AI - a decentralized blockchain, integrated with artificial intelligence computing services

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Every year especially lately more and more attention is paid to artificial intelligence. The knowledge and application of artificial intelligence in real life has no limits. But to reach a new level in the artificial intelligence in terms of discoveries and achievements, it is required to solve some technical problems. One of the problem is to increase the computing power (CPU and GPU). Not every developer can increase the capacity due to financial costs.

What is “Nebula Al” for?

There is a unique technology of blockchain in the project of Nebula Al; the developers decided to create it in order to cope with some problems with computing power in the absence of which we can’t imagine working with artificial intelligence. Consequently, the plans for the project include the construction of decentralized artificial intelligence systems, which should reduce the costs of electricity used in the process. In a nutshell Nebula Al forces to make the merger of block and artificial intelligence into one single power. Here comes the conclusion that the conception is quite “strong” and has a great growth potential in after years.

What are the objectives of the project?

Taking a certain project each project founder will force to achieve certain goals. What concerns Nebula Al, the main objective of the project is to improve work processes related to artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, the founders of this project do their best to remove the barrier associated with the computational load relating to artificial intelligence. In addition to the main goal of the project “Nebula Al” there are many tasks the project is ready to cope with. Let’s consider several of them in more detail:
– selection of the required capacities (computational) directed to improve the projects based on artificial intelligence;
– comfortable communication system that was created to unite professionals and competent people in this sphere working on a particular invention, but the location of the team is not concentrated in one place.
– progress towards the transfer of resources. It implies an interregional transfer at a higher speed.

Why is “Nebula Al” better than the competitors?

One of the significant advantages of this project is that its platform will work in conjunction with artificial intelligence and the use of machine learning. Development is planned independently without interference from outside. Well, it’s worth mentioned that the data inside the network will be reliably protected since the protection process is based on blocking technology.


Ecosystem NBAI has two components which are the main one and system one. The main component helps to develop and to work of the detachment, working in conjunction with the laboratory of artificial intelligence. The system component includes high-end applications, for example, as scientific discoveries, qualifications.

How will the tokens be distributed?

– 45% of the tokens that are intended for sale;
– 25% of the tokens for the “Nebula Al” fund group;
– 15% of the tokens intended for the project team and advisors;
– 10% of the tokens for participants who have been here from the very beginning of the project;
– 5% tokens designed to support marketing and partners.

Token NBAI

The project has its own crypto currency – NBAI. This token rate will be as follows: 1 ETH = 100,000 NBAI. The token is based on the ERC-20 standard. Hard Cup of the project is 30 thousand ETH, and the Soft Cup of the project is 5 thousand ETH. Terms for ICO: start 02.04.2018, finish on April 20, 2018. To make this platform fully operational, it was decided to conduct ICO in the process of which it is planned to sell the tokens of this project. The project participants have the opportunity to earn NBAI tokens, based on mining. Plus you can additionally get tokens of this platform due to the provision of computing power so that artificial intelligence could be trained and improved. Summing up the above the tokens will provide some mutual settlement on the platform.


It’s well known that how the success of the project depends on the people who work on it. Starting from the creators of the project and ending with specialists and developers. Absolutely every employee of the project contributes to its development. Therefore, the project gathered professionals who have knowledge and extensive experience in this field. Next, we will dwell in more detail on the management team of the project team, but you can also get acquainted with each team member on the official website of the project. Almost every member of the team has his own page on LinkedIn.

CHARLES CAO is the co-founder of this project with a degree in electrical and computer engineering. Still trying to make a contribution to make the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence better.
QINHUI LIN – technical director of the project. Has more than 10 years of work in the field of IT. He also has more than 5 years of experience in consulting. His main tasks are focused on the programming of artificial intelligence and the introduction of blocking technology.
TENGKE XIONG is the chief architect of the project. Has degrees in philosophy and computer science. Has a tremendous work experience, more than 10 years in the field of artificial intelligence. He also has his own company engaged in the research in the field of artificial intelligence.


With such a team of specialists and interesting ideas, Nebula Al has all the prerequisites to make itself known everywhere trying to make it ideal and to implement a bunch of both artificial intelligence and blocking technology. And from this fact it follows that people will have new prospects in terms of earning, computing, and integrating artificial intelligence. Perhaps obviously Nebula Al will present the humanity a new stage in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.



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