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How often have you faced the problem of finding information? Today, there are many search engines on the Network, the most popular of which, like GOOGLE, literally are becoming the most influential world companies. But, nevertheless, even these giants can not always help with the search for specialized information.

Therefore, even now to find the necessary information it is necessary to find some special literature. Thanks to advances in the development of blockchain technologies, these processes can be done a little faster. We present, OMNITY – an ambitious team, set a goal to create a perfect specialized search engine.

So, the Omnity project is a completely new decentralized platform created on the Blockchain, created specifically to bring together layers of useful documents that can not be found through standard search engines.
Here will leave data on different spheres of human life – there will be ordinary articles, and scientific work, and documents on business development.
The Omnity algorithm will have to analyze all queries, collecting ideas, taking into account the semantic core of the query, the date of the articles, and many other factors.
If, for example, any legal entity or notary needs to learn about the new bill, the system will search for the original document on the Network and give access for review. However, you will be able to see the footnotes and comments of many people who can really expand the idea of the document. In this case, the explanation of any law on the part of the authorities.

Principle of operation

All available documents will be subject to constant analysis-the system will continuously self-study. The structure is based on a neural network, it will identify dependencies between requests and responses of users.

Distributed Storage Network

This is the name of the main network. Its tasks include update, storage and search for new sources of information.
You can write unique articles from your life, about your specifics, and upload an article to the OMNITY network. Next, the system will analyze the article and show users either all or the most valuable, as they say, without “water”.

The main tools of the platform

Storage Monitor. This technology is necessary to track the relevance of the information.
File Handler. Responsible for the storage and retrieval of the desired files and applications for the use of documents to owners. Each document uploaded to the network will be given an identification number, which can be easily found.
Data Recovery Agent. The tool is needed to recover lost or damaged files.


Sale will be held in several stages. Based on the data on the website, private sales should begin in the near future, during which it is planned to sell tokens for $ 9 million. Known total hard cap of the sales – $ 50 million. Tokens will be distributed as follows:
– 74% for sales;
– 15% will go to the reserve;
– 6% share of employees, advisors and partners;
– 5% pool of founders.

Distribution of investments depending on the amount collected during the sales period, the creators of the project have provided several options for using the funds:


Bounty just for campaigns allocated 1 million OM tokens. Will distribute the proceeds as follows:
– 10% the pool of Telegram;
– 20% for Facebook and Twitter;
– 25% for the article and media campaign
– 10% translation campaings
– 15% pool of recruitment campaigns.


The site contains 6 team members and 8 advisors. Among the latter there are two Nobel laureates (in Economics and chemistry), and several professors at prestigious universities.

Whitepaper brief:



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The project is very cool. YES and experienced team I think that they can do everything cool.

We are waiting for the end of ICO. I think the team even at such the market, the software will gather..