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Today, no one will be surprised that large companies and even entire states are engaged in cryptocurrency mining. But not everyone knows how in recent years equipment has increased in price.

Today it is rarely beneficial to mine alone in small volumes. In order for this business to generate revenue, you need to organize entire farms, and closely monitor the state of the equipment, uninterrupted supply of electricity and a constant connection to the Internet.
In general, mining has become a real profession with many of its features and rules. Today we will tell you about Securix – a project that offers new opportunities to miners.

About the platform

So, the main task of the project is to make blockchain technologies more accessible to a wide range of users. As you know, the potential and the basis of cryptocurrency is a world-famous bitcoin currency, but it has a fairly high volatility, which is not always beneficial for the miner.

The SECURIX platform offers functionality for mining many cryptocurrencies, including BTC. Thanks to this universal tool, users will be able to count on passive earnings monthly.

Principle of operation
User acquires tokens; the amount of passive income per month will be proportional to the amount purchased, the more tokens to buy – the more you can earn.
It is not necessary to worry about the market exchange rate with the SRXIO token, because the return on investment is calculated using the average BTC price for the year.
As the creators of the project assure, even if the BTC rate against the dollar falls, users will be able to count on a stable high percentage per annum.

The main advantages of the project

With the help of the token system, we get an easy and fast way to invest in mining. The production uses electricity from renewable energy sources. The company buys electricity directly from the green energy station. The creators of the platform have developed a unique application Mega Vault Wallet, and in the 4th quarter a test version of the Securix Mega Vault Dashboard, necessary for reliable storage of tokens and convenient analysis of transaction history, will be released for public viewing.
The creators of Securix claim that the project will have the highest level of protection against all types of hacker attacks, the company has a whole cybersecurity department.

Mining center

The project has opened a farm for the extraction of cryptocurrency in the Netherlands. Today the Netherlands is one of the most favorable countries for business development in the field of mining, because there are very high speeds of the Internet, in general it is one of the most important centers of the Internet in the world. In addition, the Netherlands is known for its high political stability and strong infrastructure.


There will be 55 million SRXIO tokens in the system. The currency is based on the ERC20 platform. Preliminary sales successfully passed from August 4 to September 26, after which the main sales phase immediately began, which will last until November 30. During sales, SRXIO is billed at $ 1, the minimum amount for investment is 100 SRXIO. You can buy coins for BTC and ETH, BCH, XMR, as well as fiat euro and US dollars. The installed soft cap of $ 3 million has already been reached. Project hardcap – $ 42.35 million.

Token distribution:

– 77% sales pool;
– 6% will go to the development of the project and research;
– 15% pool of founders;
– 2% bounty share.

Investment distribution:

– 15% administrative costs;
– 85% mining equipment.

Gross Income Distribution:

– 45% will be distributed among all holders of tokens;
– 37% share of payment for electricity, technical and other services;
– 10% reserve (to be used for the purchase of equipment or purchase of tokens);
– 8% gross margin.

Bounty Program

started on August 5th and will end on October 31st. The total amount of funds allocated to the bounty at the crowdsale rate is equivalent to $ 1.1 million. Distribution of funds:
– 10% allocated to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube;
– 20% translation and moderation;
– another 20% is pool of bloggers;
– 25% subscription campaigns;
– 5% campaign on Steemit.


The site contains 2 project founders, 8 employees and 5 advisers. All of these experts here have links to lindendin.


In December, the purchase of equipment is planned, and in January 2019 – the installation of the necessary software. The farm will enter the full mode of work in February.

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