The Contractium Network - a decentralized program capable to manage smart contracts

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Today there exist a lot of projects that vary our imagination and give us new opportunities for the nearest future. In this article we would like to pay attention to a new project called Contractium Network.

About the project

The Contractium Network project represents a decentralized program capable to manage smart contracts based on Ethereum. The work process is analogic to other systems based on the blockchain system and this automatically excludes types of downtime, hacker attacks and intrusion of third parties. This platform allows ordinary users to make commercial contracts or smart contracts themselves as well as to have business relationship or use information on the Internet. This enables commercial companies to store the necessary information without intermediary schemes or risks on the other hand.

Features of the project

The project enables users connected with business to give markers in the networks of blockchain to start on the Ethereum network without technical skills. Thanks to Mission the project will be a great support for users in the field of signing contracts. Now there is an opportunity to sign contracts without any problems and to make sure that they are safe. Also there is an opportunity for users to earn from their online work.

All models created by the crew of specialists Contractium Network are accessible for everyone. At the moment you can try this system. Contractium Network takes part in all large and significant forms related to crypto currency and blockchain technology and it also enters into large contracts.

Distribution of tokens

The project has its own crypto currency – CTU. This token exchange rate is planned to be 1 ETH = 15,000 CTU. The token is based on the ERC-20 standard. Hard Cup of the project is 15 thousand ETH, and the Soft Cup of the project is 3 thousand ETH.

The distribution of tokens is planned in the parts below:

– 200 thousand CTU, for the team of this project;
– 900 thousand CTU, is intended for the sale of tokens;
– 100 thousand CTU, is reserved by the fund;
– 100 thousand CTU, intended for advisers and partners;
– 200 thousand CTU, reserved for awards and marketing.


The team of this project gathered from the professionals of their business. Next we will discuss in more detail some of the project’s participants:

– Hung V. Nguyen – co-founder and head of the project. He has more than 8 years of experience in start-ups and business development. He is also the owner of two companies that are in Vietnam and 5 start-ups;

– Thanh Hai Tran – co-founder and chief technical officer. He has more than 10 years of experience with world experts located in different places of the earth, with whom the dialogue was conducted remotely. He has the same position that he had in such organizations as “CNS mobile labs” and “Umbala labs”;

– Nguyen Quang Thien – co-founder and chief officer of the blockchain. He graduated from a major technical university in Vietnam and holds a diploma with honors in Informatics. At the moment he manages the blockchain team that sells the company’s products;

– Dennis poh Wei Song – co-founder, chief operating officer (Singapore) with experience in public administration.

You can get more information about the rest of the team on the official website of the project, in Whitepaper technical paper.


At this stage there is already a beta version of the platform, in which there is though not complete, but working functionality, where the user can easily take advantage of the proposed project opportunities. If you think about if the project can be perspective we can unambiguously answer that it will be so.

Useful links:

Official website of the project:
Facebook group:
Twitter group:
Channel in Telegram:
Youtube channel:
Linkedin link:


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